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    Jan 1, 2000
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    To any W/COMP students: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of W/COMP? I have heard some negative things about W/COMP, however I am trying to research the school more to become more informed about the institution. I would like to hear from current students and other informed sources.

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  3. Paul's Boutique

    Jul 18, 1999
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    Advantage: Location location location (just kidding...)

    If you're serious about COMP, go to one of their OMACs (Osteo. Med. Awareness Conference). Check out their website for dates and times: www.westernu.edu

    Getting back to the advantage: for me, the location was a big factor, in that I think the Southern California area is in and of itself a very diverse part of the state (country?), and it's reflected in the student body of the school. Also, there are many types of students at Western: DO, PA, NP, Veterinary?... Pharm...

    Let me fathom a guess: you heard something about the location of the campus in Pomona? Well, yes, it's not UCLA or U. Hawaii. But then again, have you checked out the campuses of other major medical schools? (in NYC, Baltimore, etc?). 'nuff said. I think people come from rather sheltered backgrounds and see/hear about Pomona, and they get freaked out. Relax...

    write back if you've more specific questions.

    -PB (Western Univ./COMP '04)

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