Worth completing secondaries?

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Jan 25, 2023
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This is my second application cycle, and am grateful for 5 DO IIs. I have not finished multiple secondaries and am wondering if it would be worth completing them now at this point in the application cycle. I have decided that I would not complete my application at new DO schools but am wondering if it is worth completing an application for the following schools: AlabamaCOM, TouroCOM-CA, RVUCOM, UNECOM, MSUCOM, RowanCOM, LMU-COM, Burrell, Ohio University, LMU-COM

For context: NY Resident who would ideally like to reside on the East Coast but would not be opposed to moving if necessary. Overall 3.5, 508, thousands of hours in clinical settings and research as I have taken 4 gap years. 3 of my II are currently for schools on the East Coast.

Any input would be great. Thank you in advance.

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Forget about LMU, MSUCOM if you're not from MI, OHCOM Ilif not from OH, UNECOM if not from the Northeast, RVU and BCOM because I can't recommend for profit schools.

Of the remainders, you'd better hurry, or you'll be interviewing for the waitlist, or rationed seats
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