"W" on P/NP Clinical Care Extender Internship Training at UCR Extension

Aug 17, 2015
Hi all,

A potentially big predicament here. For those of you who don't know what clinical care extenders is, it's an internship set up by a private company to let volunteers do hands on shift at hospitals throughout Southern California.
Before even beginning your first shift, there are 3 days of training. I wasn't able to attend the third day so I was dropped from the program and so never actually became a volunteer.

The problem is that there's an 8 unit credit/no credit UCR extension course you pay $65 to enroll in associated with the program. To my knowledge, I have a "withdrawn" there. I'm worried that this will hurt me later on.

How will this be seen? The course is titled: Clinical Care Extenders Training and Intermship. In this same exact summer, I also took a 12 unit course at UCLA (regular summer session course) which I got an A+ in, so I hope that supports the idea that I didn't drop the UCR extension course because of academics reason - only personal. Opinions? Thanks!