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Waiting list


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7+ Year Member
Feb 19, 2005
  1. Pharmacy Student
    how does the waitlist work? like how do you get placed in line. is it just based on when they look at your application and decide you should go on the waitlist, or is it completely random?
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    15+ Year Member
    Feb 29, 2004
      I don't really know exactly how the wait list stuff works because it is probably slightly different at different schools. Seems to me like they probably look at the whole application & interview & when you submitted your application and then rank you. However, honestly, I really don't know what goes on in the heads of admissions people so I'm only guessing.

      Yes, I admit that I am a reapplicant this year. Last year I did have a couple of interviews and was placed on the wait list. This year I tried to apply earlier, especially to those schools that I really wanted to go to. As a result, I got an earlier interview date and then I ended up getting an acceptance letter already!

      If you really want it, then you have to go for it and work for it! Keep trying and good luck!
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