Temple Pharmacy class of 2025 alternate list

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Aug 15, 2021
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I was put into the "alternate" list after the interview for the Temple Pharmacy program. I emailed Hankins for an update but she only told me "your current status as alternate remains". I feel really anxious. What are the chances to get in? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Moving to pharmacy school-specific discussions subforum - you may get more eyes on this thread with current/past students.

As for alternate list, the programs rank each individual numerically as a "back-fill" applicant. It would highly depend on how many students turn down their acceptance letter for another program or decide to defer to the following academic year. So, if you're #5 on the alternate list, you would need 5 students to turn down or defer their acceptance in order for you to be outright accepted.

So your chances highly depends on how you're ranked. Unless the school decides to tell you how you're ranked, their is really no true way of measuring your chances of getting accepted.