Why the Texas Southern University PharmD program is listed as entry-level doctor of pharmacy on pharmCAS?

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Oct 13, 2019
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I have completed my prerequisites at a community college, so I'm ready to attend a 4-year professional program of Pharm.D, but TSU is listed as entry-level level program, which is confusing. Does that mean that we need to indicate on FAFSA that we are enrolling in a bachelor program? Are they going to give us a bachelor degree first?!

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ENTRY-LEVEL doctor of pharmacy = PharmD

For over two decades, entry level education has always been PharmD. for FAFSA purposes, you can qualify for federal pell grant if you never had a bachelors AND the program considers your P1 year as undergraduate status for tuition and enrollment. Matter of fact, some programs offer a bachelors prior to completion toward a PharmD (optional). This is a slippery slope, and I would contact the program to see if indeed you would be "enrolled as an undergraduate" your first couple of semesters and see if it has been done in times past.

Otherwise, no. In the conventional pathway, pell grant does not exist for "professional" years of pharmacy school.
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