Waiting time to hear back from interviews (VCOM)

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Dec 13, 2014
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Hey there!
I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how long it takes to hear back from DO interviews particularly VCOM…

Also I was wondering if you knew anything about their acceptance rate per interview?


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I've actually been wondering the same, as I will be interviewing at VCOM-CC soon.

After reading through the Carolina's thread it looks like the earliest turn around was 3 days and the latest was 2 weeks. They call for acceptances and email rejections/waitlists. So it's safe to say if you haven't gotten an email yet, you are still up for an acceptance (assuming this process can be expected from the other campuses).

Which campus did you interview at, and when did you interview?
VC and february 4th! I would concur but its passing 2 weeks so I am getting nervous!
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Haha I could only imagine how that feels. My last two schools I interviewed at had super quick decisions and even then I was anxious.

Hopefully someone with more perspective on the VC can hop on and offer some encouragement. I don't want to say either way without a knowledge base on the specific operations of VC.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. My advice is to hop on the VC thread and see what others have endured. It will help you gauge your situation, and hopefully make the remainder of your wait a little less stressful. I wish you luck!
Yes! I am really hoping someone could comment to clarify~ and thank you dually noted.