Wake or UNC

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UNC or Wake(full scholarship)

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Dec 16, 2003
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I have been lucky enough to get into both schools, but have also been offered a full scholarship at wake. Over 4 years, this would save me approx 50K if I chose Wake over UNC. Anybody have any thoughts about where I should go? I am thinking about entering a primary care specialty. However, UNC grads seem to be more competitive in their residency matches. ANy feedback would be appriciated.

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Is your full scholarship guarenteed for 4 years? Or is it renewable every year dependent on certain criteria?
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Scholarship is guaranteed as long as I pass my classes.
Wow, congrats! What a great situation, a tough choice but you can't go wrong either way. It looks like you're in Chapel Hill now - do you mind leaving and heading an hour west? If not, I'd go for the full scholarship, you can't beat being (nearly) debt-free after attending a private school. But then again, UNC's tuition isn't going to put you too far back in the long run (i.e. the 10-15 year picture.) You have two great choices - good luck!