Apr 9, 2012
Pharmacy Student
Hello all, I just got a job offer from walgreens in Nebraska. They sent a letter to my house but the only thing the letter had on it was the grad intern salary and the annual salary once I become licensed. I want to inquire more about the benefits (when they start) and what location (or if I will start off as a floater). I will be home again in december for my break and the pharmacy supervisor said to let him know when I am there next, since we haven't actually met in person. I dont know how I should go about asking those questions (through email, phone, or in person). Also are most offers non-negotiable?


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Feb 27, 2006
The start of benefits vary. At start of employment, you can get your employee discount and free psc membership. Insurance and profit sharing start at 90 days. You can start to earn vacation at 6 months. Unless you have previous experience, there is very little to negotiate. When you talk with him in December, bring a list of all your questions. That will be the best time to ask. You can also ask for the benefit packet of information.