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WAMC: 2nd time applicant (lowish GPA, high experience)


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Jan 14, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
  2. Pre-Veterinary
    Hi everyone, I am 22 yo and am applying to veterinary school for the second time. I graduated a year early from Oklahoma State. I applied last year for TAMU and due to a scheduling mishap ended up missing a prereq to technically qualify after already submitting my application. However, the feedback that I received on my application was that I needed to increase veterinary diversity and leadership experience. I have since worked on those and have all prereqs completed and would like some feedback from yall about my chances.

    Colleges I'm Applying To:
    TAMU and Texas Tech (the first year accepting applicants)- both my in-state

    Cumulative GPA: 3.68
    Science GPA: 3.41 (low, I know, I took almost all of my science prereqs within 2 semesters)
    Last 45: 3.72 (Assuming my last 61 hours count as "last 45" due to the semesters after only adding up to 40. I'm still a little confused by how that is calculated) / 3.65 (last 40, unfortunately, ended up taking all of my science courses last)

    Degrees achieved:
    Bachelor of Science in Animal Science

    GRE results: Not taken into account this year

    Veterinary Experience: 2300ish
    2100 at a small animal/small exotic single doctor practice (intern in highschool then technician since college)
    130 shadowing at a small animal, 5 doctor practice
    15 volunteering at a state fair birthing center with various vets

    Animal Experience: 4300ish
    1700 showing/raising goats through FFA and 4H
    200 hours for snake and dog ownership (max hours allowed)
    450/100 working/volunteering as horse barn staff at a therapeutic riding center
    130 in hands-on handling labs
    300 spent as a medical dog foster
    500 odd jobs like petsitting
    425 volunteering at the local animal shelter
    50 facilitating livestock shows/judging competitions/community outreach horse handling training
    100 lamb research project

    50 performing various blood tests for lamb behavior/stress trials

    Graduated cum laude in 3 years
    Dean's Honor Roll (4 semesters)
    President's Honor Roll (1 semester)
    Highest level of academic achievement scholarship for all of undergrad

    Extensive leadership in highschool FFA (Chapter and District office)
    Undergraduate TA for upper-level animal reproduction class (Senior year of college)
    Summer internship selected Senior Achievement Summit Representative (Summer before senior year of college)
    Coordinator of local shelter's Medical Foster to Adopt program (December 2019-present)

    Veterinary technician: 1.5 years
    Veterinary receptionist: 1 year
    Insurance Sales: summer internship
    Therapeutic Horsemanship barn staff: 2 years

    Summarize any concerns you have:
    There is really not much I can do about grades at this point but I am currently shadowing at a clinic to try and get more diversity and have obtained a leadership position coordinating a program at my local animal shelter to address the feedback on my previous application. COVID is of course making things very difficult. So really, I just need honest opinions about my chances.
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