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  1. B

    WAMC? (TAMU, maybe more)

    Hi guys! I am currently applying for the first time, and I would really like some feedback on my chances at A&M (my in state). I am at A&M for my undergrad, and it is realistically the only school I can afford. However, I'm afraid of cutting myself short by only applying to one school and...
  2. A

    WAMC: 2nd time applicant (lowish GPA, high experience)

    Hi everyone, I am 22 yo and am applying to veterinary school for the second time. I graduated a year early from Oklahoma State. I applied last year for TAMU and due to a scheduling mishap ended up missing a prereq to technically qualify after already submitting my application. However, the...
  3. Vombatidae

    Texas A&M (TAMU) c/o 2022 Applicants

    Hello, I have spent a great deal of time learning more about the VMCAS application process from SDN. I recently began my TAMU app and it is similar to VMCAS, however, it has its own struggles. Has anyone started an application for Texas A&M?
  4. D

    Texas A&M c/o 2020 Veterinary Applicants

    Howdy SDN, I have not seen Texas A&M c/o 2020 veterinary applicants thread yet. Thought it would be good to start one so we can ask questions/share info regarding the application process. This is my third time applying to TAMU, the first time I was outright rejected, second time I was wait...