1. T

    WAMC/School list help: Non-trad, PB sGPA 3.7, UG sGPA 1.79, 510+ MCAT, IN

    Non traditional student. Graduated from a large state school in 2016 with a degree in political science and worked full time as a journalist and later helped develop a startup company--changed career and quit my job pre-pandemic and started from square one to take all the pre-med pre-reqs. GPA...
  2. O

    WAMC-School List help 3.9 GPA 511 MCAT CA ORM

    Hi SDN, I am making this post with the primary intention of helping with my school list for the next cycle. Any feedback on my school list or application would be great. Thank you all in advance! Stats and Background CA, ORM, graduated from small private school in SoCal cGPA=3.93 sGPA=3.87...
  3. B

    WAMC/school list. 507, 3.97 GPA ORM

    Hello I would like some feedback on my school list. Here are my stats and experiences Arizona resident. Born in Chicago GPA: 3.97 sGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 507 Clinical experience- 700 scribing over one year 360 hours as patient transport volunteer over 4 years Physician shadowing 150 hours over 5...
  4. I

    MD Please help me shorten my school list: 3.99 GPA 514 MCAT

    1. sGPA: 3.99 cGPA3.99 2. MCAT: 514 (129/127/130/128) 3. California Resident 4. Ethnicity: Indonesian (not sure if this is ORM or URM pls let me know) 5. Undergrad: UCLA 6. Clinical Experience: Paid MA (560+ hrs), hospital volunteering (50 hrs) 7. Research: 1300+ hours at a cancer immunotherapy...
  5. RedemptionThroughKnowledg

    WAMC + School List Nurse / DNP Student 3.27 cgpa and 503 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Thank you to this wonderful community for your time. I am a NonTrad who worked before college then went to Nursing School. I recently withdrew from a DNP program to pursue Medicine DO or MD I personally love both. I am finishing most of my prereqs this Summer. I have posted...
  6. Carya

    (WAMC) Am I screwed? - 3.6 cGPA, 3.7sGPA and one IA

    Hey guys, So I'm wondering if I can get into any medical school with regards to my stats and with an IA I got in '21 for having an open book visible during a proctored exam (dumb, I know). 1. Psych major, Chem minor. 3.6 cGPA, 3.7 sGPA (an upward trend with all As for the past two years.) 2...
  7. T

    WAMC/School List Help IL URM 3.98 cGPA, 3.99 sGPA, 525 MCAT

    1. cGPA: 3.98, sGPA: 3.99 2. MCAT: 525 3. Illinois 4. URM, Hispanic 5. Undergrad at UCLA psychobiology major with Spanish minor, 3rd year 6. Clinical experience: ~150 hours volunteering at vaccine clinic 7. Research experience: ~100 hours from 1 lab 2nd/3rd year, 300 hours at other lab 3rd year...
  8. F

    WAMC anesthesia residency

    Hey everyone! I'm just seeking some advice. I am a 3rd year DO student interested in anesthesia! Below is a little but more about me and my stats. I'm from Florida and will love to end up there for residency but I will settle with anything on the east coast. I will still be applying broadly...
  9. Monetw24

    MD & DO WAMC Very Low GPA 3.1/512, non trad URM VA resident MD/DO/MDPHD

    I don't think I have the stats for md/phd but I would love to still apply to those programs if I have the money to do so. Ties to other States/Regions: Florida, maryland, DC URM? Yes Year in School: Gap years; graduated undergrad in 2016 Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology...
  10. E

    WAMC and school list help ORM 3.8cGPA, 3.81sGPA, 520 MCAT

    Here's a quick summary of my stats: Undergrad & Major: Bioengineering at the University of Illinois cGPA: 3.8 sGPA: 3.81 MCAT: 520 no gap year, applying end of junior year Clinical Volunteering: 200 hours at local hospital with very diverse community (projecting 50 more) Clinical Work: 200...
  11. H

    [WAMC] MD [School List Help] 3.66 cGPA|3.76 sGPA|522 MCAT

    Hi guys would really appreciate feedback regarding my chances at some of these schools. Thank you in advance! cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS - cGPA 3.66 and sGPA 3.76 (Engineering student, if that matters) MCAT score(s) and breakdown - 522 (130/130/132/130) State of residence or...
  12. I

    WAMC: 4.0 GPA/513 MCAT, Entreprenuership-focused, School List Advice

    I need help making my school list. I'm not really sure what is considered an X-factor anymore and what is not. GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 513 TX, ORM ECs: Founded and sold an e-commerce business- annual revenue was ~$220,000 Founded a startup- building accessible technologies for seniors, currently...
  13. B

    MD WAMC + School List: ORM, 3.81/527

    Hi all, thank you in advance for any advice you might have to offer! I am preparing to apply this cycle and am having a tough time figuring out a good school list for my stats and experiences. Information below: cGPA and sGPA: 3.81 cGPA, 3.67 sGPA MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 527...
  14. A

    WAMC? Apply or 2 gap years?

    Hi everyone- I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to submit an application this cycle or wait until next year. I never thought that I would be in a position where I wouldn't be prepared to apply right after college, but unfortunately after the toll of losing a parent my right before...
  15. P

    Reapplicant, CA ORM 3.69/518

    deleted ty!
  16. U

    WAMC 3.9/510-516/CA ORM - School list help

    Hi SDN! I'm graduating in the summer, and I'm planning on applying this cycle. I am a transfer student, so some of my activities are mixed between schools. Here goes nothing: cGPA: 3.94 ( School 1: 3.91, School 2: 3.98) sGPA: 3.94 (School 1: 3.90, School 2: 3.90) MCAT: FL avg = 513, latest...
  17. S

    WAMC and Post Bac advice

    Hi all, I’m in the process of reinvention and could seriously use some advice or perspective on my path forward. graduated spring 2021 from UCONN (CT resident) with a psych BA and a 2.86 (this was after getting a 1.87 and 2.14 my freshman semesters) I got mostly Bs, Cs and 2 Ds in the science...
  18. P

    WAMC low DAT average GPA

    I am just asking for your opinion on my chances, I have done a significant amount of research into what schools I should apply to this cycle, if you could give me any advice that would be appreciated. I know my DAT is low and I am planning on retaking it this summer but I want to apply at the...
  19. R


  20. A

    WAMC / School list (3.4|518)

    cGPA/sGPA: 3.43 cGPA 3.35 sGPA. Had a lot of struggles adjusting to college my freshman year, and have a good upward trend: 2.43 Freshman year, 3.5 Sophomore year, 3.68 Junior year, 3.62 Senior Year, 3.95 DIY Postbacc. Undergraduate career at mid-tier UC if it matters. MCAT: 518...
  21. send_help

    WAMC 514/3.85 Reapplicant

    State/Country of Residence: OH Ties to other States/Regions: SC, GA URM? (Y/N): N Year in School: Graduated in Spring 2021 Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Computer Science Graduate Degrees (if applicable): N/A Cumulative GPA: 3.85 Science GPA: 3.72 MCAT Score(s): 514 Research Experience: 200...
  22. D

    WAMC/ help with school list 3.9/520

    State/Country of Residence: WA Ties to other States/Regions: undergrad at T30 in LA URM? (Y/N): N Year in School: junior Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Bio Awards/honors/recognitions: various academic scholarships from USC, Dean's list, summer research scholarship Cumulative GPA: 3.9 Science...
  23. S

    WAMC for Canadian with weird stats applying to USMD

    Hey everyone! I'm a Canadian applicant applying for the first time to USMD programs, and I'm in a pretty weird position. Here are my stats: Canadian Brown Male cGPA:3.8 sGPA:3.7 MCAT: 527 My main point of concern is that I had three B's in my first year in chemistry and physics courses and a...
  24. S

    WAMC - 521/3.98 in need of school list help!

    Hello everyone :) Thanks for the help y'all! State/Country of Residence: AZ URM? (Y/N): ORM Year in School: 3rd Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Biomedical Sciences (Large State School) Cumulative GPA: 3.98 Science GPA: 4.0 MCAT Score(s): 521 (130,130,130,131) Research Experience...
  25. S

    School list (3.98/ 525, limited research)

  26. A

    WAMC/MSTP School List Advice (ORM, 4.0, 517)

    Hi everyone! I just got my MCAT score back and will be applying this cycle (2022-2023). I think I have a good foundation, but with my MCAT score/ECs, I'm not sure if I am able to apply for more competitive schools. I'm looking for help creating a schools list and recommendations on how I can...
  27. R

    Potential reapplicant, school list recommendation?

    State/Country of Residence: CA Ties to other States/Regions: N/A URM? (Y/N): N Year in School: Graduated from UCB c/o 2020 Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Mechanical engineering Graduate Degrees (if applicable): none Cumulative GPA: 3.59 Science GPA: 3.71 MCAT Score(s): 509 -> 517 Research...
  28. C

    Need Help with my School List/ WAMC

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting to SDN, but I am applying in the 2022-2023 cycle, and wanted to see if my school list is acceptable given my stats/experiences: Undergrad: T20, graduated 2021 URM, female State of Residence: NC 3.76 cGPA and 3.76 sGPA. 512 MCAT (128/127/130/127) 50 hrs...
  29. foultarnished97

    WAMC reapplicant + help with school list (3.67 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA, 512)

    I'm a likely reapplicant who has received no IIs this cycle, so I'll start with my old app and then I'll list what I've done to improve for the next cycle (2022-2023). Just looking for a better school list and general opinions on the improvements I'm making as a reapplicant. Made a post before...
  30. I

    school list help

  31. HappyPerson

    Should I really give up on medicine?

    Hello, I’m usually not put down by others but my premed advisor really hurt me. I graduated 2 years ago with a bachelors in biology with a cumulative gpa of 3.46 and a amcas science gpa of 3.13 and aacomas science gpa of 3.21. I have thousands of hours of scribing, medical assitant, community...
  32. Dhudez

    Some advice for 2nd time applicant

    Hey Everyone, Little background about me: Applied to 14 schools back in 2019: 3.4ish oGPA/3.1 sGPA DAT: 18AA/19TS/17PAT 500+ hours of shadowing 500+ hours of volunteering 4 strong LOR's I ended up getting one super late interview in April 2020 which ended up being virtual due to covid. I...
  33. wildmamathornberry

    Updated WAMC

    Hi all, I’ve had a lot of things change since my last WAMC post, so if you saw that one pls ignore 😂 Here’s my updated stats: Age: 27 Home state: CA Resident state: AZ Schools interested in: Ohio State, Illinois, Davis Cumulative GPA: 3.0 science GPA: 2.68 last 45: my last 45 are still in...
  34. A

    WAMC Low GPA Canadian Non-Trad Applicant for US Schools (Post-Bacc)

    TL;DR What are my chances: UG GPA: 2.93 Post-Bacc: 4.0 oGPA: 3.22 (3.36 if I wait an extra yr) DAT: 27 AA Hi everyone, I'm feeling a little hopeless right now and after looking through multiple threads and not finding anybody in a similar situation to mine, I decided to make this post to see...
  35. C


    Decided to delete question. I'm receiving some outside help now. Thank you!
  36. lionsfan13

    WAMC? cGPA 3.99 sGPA 3.97 MCAT 524 MI

    (All hours are estimates for when I actually submit my application this coming cycle) cGPA 3.99 sGPA 3.97 MCAT 524 (132,130,132,130) MI, applying in and out of state ORM Junior at UMich Clinical - Main Clinical Experience: Job as Patient Attendant at UMich Hospital - 300 hours, started this...
  37. M

    WAMC NY ORM 515/3.63

    Preferences: 1. MD/PhD 2. DO/PhD 3. MD 4. DO Major: Psychology sGPA: 3.45 cGPA: 3.63 MCAT: 517 ORM (Chinese) Research: 300 hrs socio-psychology research, 1 pub 100 hrs honors thesis research on eating disorders, 1 pub on the way Jobs: - 1040 hrs scribing for neurologist (private practice) -...
  38. cilantrosoap

    WAMC 515 MCAT/3.73 cGPA/3.8 sGPA/3.83 grad school GPA

    1. Graduated undergrad in 2013 with a 3.73 cGPA and 3.8 sGPA with a degree in Rehab Science 2. Graduated from a top 15 physical therapy school with a 3.83 GPA 3. 515 MCAT (130/129/127/129) 4. Army physical therapist for 7 years with an overseas tour and deployment 5. No research hours...
  39. uchihastan

    Volunteering Advice? URM 3.34cGPA/3.1sGPA/4.0 SMP GPA

    Hello all! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I'd really appreciate some advice. I am currently working full time as an MA at an ortho clinic. The experience has been wonderful. I finished undergrad w/ a 3.34 uGPA and 3.1 sGPA. I spent the following year in a 1 year SMP (graduate...
  40. K

    WAMC: Low Master’s GPA, Good / decent DAT

    Hey all, I’ll just post my stats and let y’all do your thing. Have you heard of anyone getting into dental school w/ these stats? Im currently 80k in debt w student loans, so I’m trying to grasp for any hope at this point. I took the DAT once after undergrad. My last hope to make up for my...