1. F

    WAMC - Need Help with School List and Feedback (3.80cGPA 3.85sGPA 518 MCAT)

    Hello all, I hope this thread finds you well. I'm hoping to gain some insight into what my odds look like for this application cycle. It's hard for me to judge and I have a hard time deciding if I should apply to some schools due to location, costs, and in-state biases. I would be delighted to...
  2. G

    MD WAMC? Low GPA, Good MCAT, Strong EC's

    Hello! I am a recent grad that is planning to apply to medical school (applying MD only) this cycle, taking a gap year in between to continue research remotely at a local SoM (see 6c below) part-time and continue my role as an ER tech (see 5a below) full-time. I believe that while my...
  3. S

    Med School List Help - 3.92 GPA, 521 MCAT

    Hi, I am trying to finalize my list of Med Schools before applying. I think particularly I am looking to add some mid-tier med schools to swap out some of the t20 research ones because I haven't done much research. But any sort of advice would be helpful! I am taking a gap year where I am in the...
  4. sydwillx

    2.85 GPA 308 GRE

    So i graduated from Georgia State University in 2020 and i just took the GRE i got 157 V and 152 Q. I have applied to the MS preclinical sciences program at mercer and the MS biomedical sciences at PCOM. Do you guys think ill get in?? open to other program suggestions as well!! anything will help
  5. SciencyFriend

    Nontraditional (Young) Applicant WAMC and School List Help!!

    Education Undergraduate Institution: Southeast Missouri State University-Rising Senior Major: Biomedical Science MCAT: (Haven't taken yet, but average AAMC FL score of 518 129/131/130/128 across 4 exams under STC) cGPA 4.00 | sGPA 4.00 Credits Applied: 94 Upper level sciences: Advanced...
  6. V


    Hey :) I never thought I would make one of these posts but the whole COVID situation has given me a lot more time to think (stress) about my chances of getting into vet school and really wondering if it is possible? I'm from BC so applying to WCVM, I just graduated with a bachelor of science...
  7. R

    WAMC Should I wait another year to apply?

    So I started kind of late to the prevet game so my biggest weakness is my lack of hours. I have really awesome diverse experiences but not many hours to show. The only school I plan on applying to is CSU since i’m a resident. Here are my stats: GPA 3.7 GRE not needed for csu Veterinary Hours...
  8. I

    MD/DO School List Help (3.84 cGPA/507 MCAT)

    Race: White (Male) cGPA: 3.84 / sGPA: 3.79 MCAT: 507 (127/126/126/128) <-- took in 2017, retaking June 5, 2020 State: TX Undergrad: UT Austin Major: B.A. Geology Research Experience: 2200+ hours Clinical Experience: 800 hours in an underserved clinic Shadowing Experience: 60 hours at a...
  9. 1

    School List Help

    Hey everyone, I have a rough list of the schools I want to apply to but need some further guidance: Residency: Florida, ORM cGPA/sGPA: 4.00 MCAT: 522 (130/131/129/132) School/Grad Year: Largest public school in FL, graduating in Spring 2021 Major: Biomedical Science Major Clinical...
  10. D

    MD & DO WAMC/School List Confirmation Help - 3.85 cGPA, 3.79 sGPA, low MCAT (URM)

    Hi everyone, I'm a low SES, 1st gen immigrant URM (Cuban) hoping to apply this cycle. I was hoping that I could get some input on my current school list and see if there are any changes I should make. I'm hoping to apply this cycle and wanted to know if there's a possibility of getting accepted...
  11. dubjerk

    WAMC: 511/3.8

    cGPA: 3.80, sGPA: 3.71 MCAT: 511 (129/128/128/126) State: Florida ORM Undergrad: T10 Private Clinical Experience: Volunteer in ED: 640 hours, Scribe (Hospitalist): 500 hours, Eye Clinics - Medical mission trip Research: 1) Biomechanics Lab - 1020 hours over 4 years, 2) Neurology Lab - 480 hours...
  12. 1

    WAMC? Highly Motivated Pre-Vet Student!

    Hello everyone! I am a pre-vet student at a small liberal arts college in Virginia. I am finishing off my junior year now, and will be completing a BS in biology as well as a minor in animal science and chemistry in spring of 2021. I have taken between 16-18 credit hours every semester, and...
  13. P

    WAMC: 3.6 cGPA/519 MCAT

    Hello everyone! I don't know anyone else personally who is also applying this year and no one in my family has ever gone to medical school so I would love some feedback on my school list. 1. cGPA: ~ 3.6 and sGPA: ~3.5 (3.7-->3.3-->3.75-->3.9) 2. MCAT: 519 (128 C/P, 130 CARS, 131 B/B, 130 P/S)...
  14. B

    WAMC.. weird GPA and music major

    1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: My GPA is a bit strange, I completed my associate's degree in high school through a dual credit program and graduated with a 3.1 cumulative gpa. I took a two year break from school to serve a two year mission for my church, and since I've been...
  15. R

    WAMC: 519 MCAT, 3.6 GPA Re-applicant

    Hi all, Applying for the second time this year. Last year, I submitted 19 secondaries and received zero interviews. Hoping to turn my luck around this time. Really just trying to see if I am missing anything glaring that these schools are looking for. Cumulative GPA: 3.61 Science GPA: 3.50...
  16. dtugadawg

    Chances of admission

    home state Georgia UGA Junior: 3.91 GPA 3.97 non science and 3.86 Science , 515 MCAT Clinical Shadowing 100 Peds, 40 Ortho, 20 ENT Clinical Volunteering: 1 year: 3-4hours a week (60+ hours, but will continue this next year so around 110 or so on app) In addition, committee leader for large...
  17. P

    MD & DO WAMC? URM 3.6 cgpa, 3.2 sgpa, 3.9 nsgpa

    What are my chances? Had a bad year (sophomore year) but had a 4.0 freshman and junior year. 100-200 ish hours of nonclinical volunteering 100-150 ish hours of clinical volunteering 500-600 hours of clinical research 50 hours of shadowing (haven't taken the mcat but I am consistently scoring...
  18. O

    WAMC + School List

    UCLA Biochemistry Major Class of 2020 cGPA: 3.38 sGPA: 3.2 MCAT: 512 (130/126/129/127) Indian CA Resident - 100 hours of volunteering at UCLA Medical Center - 500 hours as research lab assistant (no publication) - 200 hours learning assistant - 200+ hours of tutoring - 40 hours...
  19. H

    WAMC? 4.0 GPA 515 MCAT (but no clinical volunteering)

    Thank you for your help! :D
  20. P

    MD & DO Deleted

  21. C

    WAMC for MD?

  22. B

    504 MCAT Helppp

    Hi thanks for viewing this post. ORM CA resident My stats: (DO only) cGPA: 3.3 - 3.4 sGPA: 3.4 - 3.5 MCAT: 126/124/127/127 = 504 (only attempt) *Important* = I’m non-traditional, when I restarted college I was at a 2.5 GPA with 60 or so units under my belt. Then I had a philosophical...
  23. Z

    DO WAMC? URM (3.45/3.24) / 494

    Hey guys, I am a URM Florida resident. Fluent in Spanish and English. Graduated from my state university in 2017: cGPA 3.45 sGPA 3.24 Took the MCAT twice. Voided first time, 494 second time. ~3,000 hrs as a scribe and medical assistant in an urgent care clinic ~700 hrs as volunteer in the...
  24. neurojosh


  25. elephantintheroom2121

    MD WAMC for 2021-2022 Cycle

    Hey guys, I am planning on taking a gap year to buff up my application. Below is a hypothetical app that I am working on turning into reality amidst all this COVID Chaos. I've put down what is definitely going to happen and what is still in the works. If you guys could look at my stats and let...
  26. G

    Seeking advice for my gap years (acquiring additional research experience) -- please advise

    Hi everyone, I am writing today because I am seeking guidance regarding my gap years. I am in a special situation because after trying to decide between a regular MD and an MD/Ph.D., I finally decided to pursue an MD/Ph.D. However, I have only a year of undergrad research--since I transferred...
  27. F

    Junior in undergrad: WAMC for next year?

    I'm currently a junior but am concerned about how my chances look of getting into vet school in the future. I would like to mention that I went to community college for two years before transferring, if that affects anything. I am pretty seriously considering going into both large and small...
  28. T

    WAMC and school list help

    Hey guys, I would really appreciate if anyone could rate my application and school list for the upcoming cycle! Year in School: Junior Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Chemistry Certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Country/ State of Residence: PA Ethnicity: Asian Cumulative GPA: 3.79...
  29. greenmonkeyy

    CA ORM. 3.41 cGPA, 3.1 sGPA, 510 MCAT

    Hello! I graduated in June of last year from a UC and I've been really lost as to what steps to take next. I applied to MD schools during the past 2019-2020 cycle, which wasn't a great idea in hindsight; got only Rs. I'm currently studying for an MCAT retake scheduled for 6/5, looking to get...
  30. tryauthentic

    MD & DO Need help with a school list!

    New York State resident, white, 23 3.55 BA in Physics 3.8 MS in Biomedical Engineering 511 MCAT Lots of shadowing, many specialties (>120 hours) Two global health missions, one rural health mission, teach local refugees English (>300 hours volunteering, 100 clinical) 1 first author publication...
  31. M

    WAMC interview/accepted into MD program

    First post on here: I graduated last May 2019 with a B.S in Chemistry. GPA: 3.7 1st MCAT(2018): 499 2nd MCAT(2020): 518 Extracurricular Activities: -Shadowing(approx. 100 hours) -Medical clinic Volunteering(approx 150 hours) -3 semesters of independent organic chemistry research; currently...
  32. M

    Non Trad WAMC?

    Hi WAMC? I graduated with a BS in Biomedical Engineering in 2017. GPA: 3.13 (fumbled freshman year but made deans list last couple semesters with GPAs of 3.6+ in 300 - 500 level bioengineering/science courses) MCAT: 503 (first take 490) Been working in tech consulting since graduation and...
  33. T


  34. L

    WAMC/School List: 3.6/521

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS MESSAGE GPA: 3.6c / 3.5s Major: Biochemistry, B.S. MCAT: 521 (130/129/130/132) State of Residence: AR Ethnicity: White male Undergraduate Institution: State university, graduated in 2018 Clinical Volunteering: 50h taking vitals at the VA, direct 1-1 patient contact...
  35. Wayfinder

    Preparing for Reapplication: Feedback

    Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this, I know what I wrote below is long, it really does mean a lot. Current Stats 3.8 cGPA/sGPA : Biomed Major @ local state university 508 MCAT (127/124/127/130) Secondaries in the first week of September FL Resident, White, Female, first-gen college...
  36. P

    WAMC at T20

    I plan on applying this upcoming cycle, and while I have high stats I don't really have any stand out ECs. Thoughts? GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 523 ECs: -350 hours clincial volunteering at large hospitals -500 hours of research in a biochem lab, 2 summers (~250 hours) of urological clinical research (no...
  37. EnzymaticFuture

    WAMC for a reinvented student?

    Hello everyone!! Just looking for some advice on generating a school list for this upcoming cycle. I will be applying to MD and DO schools. For reference, I’m a black male from Nevada. I followed @Goro advice on reinventing myself after a subpar undergrad (3.0 gpa). My stats during undergrad...
  38. Jdawg1101

    WAMC flexmed

    Hello, I’m currently a second-year at a flagship state school. I’m applying to the early assurance program at Icahn, flexmed, and my stats are below, what are my chances? ORM SAT: 1560 ACT: 35 High School- 4.975 GPA, salutatorian, 100+ hours shadowing physicians, Eagle Scout, many...