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WAMC: 519 MCAT, 3.6 GPA Re-applicant


New Member
Jan 16, 2019
    Hi all,

    Applying for the second time this year. Last year, I submitted 19 secondaries and received zero interviews. Hoping to turn my luck around this time. Really just trying to see if I am missing anything glaring that these schools are looking for.

    Cumulative GPA: 3.61
    Science GPA: 3.50
    MCAT Scores: 519 (128, 130, 129, 132)
    Year in school: Graduated Fall 2017
    Country/state of residence: USA/Minnesota
    Ethnicity: Caucasian Male
    Undergraduate Institution: Big Ten School, Neuroscience Major
    Clinical Experience:
    • ER technician: ~5000 hours at level 3 trauma center in metro
    • Volunteer at different hospital for ~250 hours, front desk and neuro unit
    Research experience:
    • 2 labs, no publications, 1 poster (800 hours)
    Shadowing experience:
    • Orthopedic surgeon (40 hours)
    - Plastic surgeon (8 hours)
    - Anesthesiologist (8 hours)
    - Critical care (8 hours)
    Non-clinical volunteering:
    - At-risk youth English tutor (70 hours)
    - Social Organization Service Chair (100 hours)
    - Local food shelf (70 hours)
    - Non-profit rehabilitation center (30 hours)
    Extracurricular activities:
    - Student government position held for 3 years
    - Men’s recreational soccer league for 5 years
    - Weight lifting
    - Hiking
    - Science fiction novels
    Interested in family medicine, internal medicine
    No graduate degrees, only NREMT-B
    Mother is a nurse
    No interest in rural medicine

    • Albany Medical College
    • Boston University
    • Case Western
    • Eastern Virginia
    • Medical College of Wisconsin
    • Ohio State University
    • Rush University
    • Rutgers-Newark
    • Rutgers-Piscataway
    • TCU
    • Thomas Jefferson University
    • University of Iowa-Carver
    • University of Maryland
    • University of Pittsburgh
    • University of Rochester
    • University of South Florida
    • University of Utah
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • VCU
    • Wayne State University
    • Wake Forest University
    • St. Louis University
    • Quinnipiac University
    • University of Virginia
    • Chicago College
    • Kansas City University
    • Ohio University
    • Philadelphia
    • Western University
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    Full Member
    7+ Year Member
    Sep 15, 2012
    1. Attending Physician
      Remove Utah since they accept very few non residents with no connection to the state. Consider adding these schools:
      New York Medical College
      Seton Hall
      George Washington
      NOVA MD
      Rosalind Franklin
      Western Michigan
      Oakland Beaumont
      Wayne State
      Cooper Rowan
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