Feb 16, 2021
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  1. Pre-Veterinary
Hi, I'm currently a junior, traditional, firs-time pre-vet student planning on applying this coming summer and was hoping to receive feedback on my chances and where I should focus most. I realize that my resume is pretty scarce, but I hope it is enough to consider. Thank you!

Schools: WSU (in-state; first choice), Purdue, Wisconsin, Cornell, Minnesota (would appreciate feedback and advice)

Cumulative GPA: 3.77
Science GPA: 3.73

BS Biological Sciences Spring 2022

Veterinary Experience:
430 hours as a pre-veterinary intern at a small animal hospital attached to a wildlife rehabilitation center receiving training and conducting tasks performed by a veterinary assistant.

Animal Experience:
None really

216 hours conducting silkworm genetic engineering

Worked at a movie theater for a year during high school and the summer after my freshman year of college
Worked at an Audubon center helping out with summer camps for a summer during high school

Volunteered at a salmon hatchery for four years during high school

Achievements and Awards:
None really

Pre-Vet Club
Biology Club
Irish Club
Knights of Columbus
May 16, 2020
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  1. Pre-Veterinary
Hey! Just looking over quickly- your GPA is good! You can put dean's list as achievements (which I assume you got based on your GPA). I would recommend branching out a bit and getting some more animal experiences if possible (volunteer at aquarium, wildlife clinic, nature camp, shelter, dog walking company etc.) Also, try working or volunteering at another small animal hospital if that is what you are interested in! Just remember- you will need a letter of rec from a veterinarian. I am a 2025 applicant and would just recommend trying to get other experiences if possible as you will need them for essays/to answer any interview questions to add depth to your application.

Also, I wish someone told me this as a junior, but it is totally OK to take a year or two off in between (not saying that you need to! But just a message to my younger self). I ended up taking 2 years in between- I know with covid, experiences can be hard to come by, but definitely keep reaching out as much as you can for different opportunities!
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