WAMC? Early assurance Program

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Sep 8, 2023
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1. cGPA 3.82 sGPA 3.7
2. MCAT 509 (126,127,129,127) though UToledo’s EAP doesn’t take it
3. OH Resident
4. ORM Male
5. T50 undergrad
6. 300 hours clinical, patient companion at Downtown hospital

7. 500 hours research, 0 pubs, 1 paper about to be submitted for review in Epilepsy research

8. 70 hrs shadowing: 12hrs Neurosurgery, 30 hrs rural family med, 38hrs hospitalist

9. 150 non clinical hours, 100 at Alzheimer’s facility, 50 at Ronald McDonald house
10. Treasurer of powerlifting club, 1000 hrs as supervisor of gym on campus
11. Deans list for past 4 semesters.

This is my first post so I hope I am doing this right, I am a 3rd year student who is looking at doing an early assurance program for 3rd years (it’s MedStart at Toledo). I am really banking on this and really hoping I get in and just wanted to know what my chances would be as I do not see a lot of posts involving early assurance programs. Thank you!

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