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Jun 24, 2023
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I am currently a rising 2nd-year, but want to apply to two early admission programs that do not require the MCAT (since people applying would not have taken it yet). They are Icahn at Mount Sinai and University of Toledo COMLS. My school of choice is UToledo, but if you guys have any opinions on these programs, things I should know before applying, or general advice to make myself a more competitive applicant for these already competitive programs, I would really appreciate it!

  1. cGPA: 3.95 and sGPA: 3.93
  2. ACT Score: 35 (MCAT not used)
  3. State of residence or country of citizenship: OH
  4. Ethnicity and/or race: East/South Asian female
  5. Undergraduate institution or category: Ohio State
  6. Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer): no paid clinical experience, ~75 hrs volunteering in women's hospital/general hospital
  7. Research experience and productivity: ~130 hrs 2 labs, 2 pubs pending (basically 0)
  8. Shadowing experience and specialties represented: ~80 hrs shadowing various specialties (cardiology, radiation oncology, breast radiology, surgical oncology, plastic surgery, upper extremity orthopedic surgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery, rheumatology, sports medicine, primary care), will get 100+ by end of Summer 2023
  9. Non-clinical volunteering: ~75 hrs refugee mentoring (still involved, number will go up), ~25 hrs at food bank and book bank,
  10. Other extracurricular activities (including athletics, military service, gap year activities, leadership, teaching, etc): 30+ hrs planning free clinic, 100+ hrs Asian-interest sorority (Co-Recruitment Chair), 50+ hrs pre-med fraternity, employed by same refugee resettlement agency that I volunteer for, intramural soccer, student organization backed by nonprofit that I work for (VP), will be GenChem TA this upcoming semester, 20 hrs/week dedicated to bodybuilding goals
  11. Relevant honors or awards: Dean's list both semesters
  12. Anything else not listed you think might be important: very strong rec letter from employer and one high school teacher (recommended by Icahn), LOR's also from genetics prof and PI, currently looking for virtual scribe job for this upcoming school year and the next summer

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I usually encourage applicants to contact the admissions teams before sending in an early admission application. Really get an idea of what this involves. I would think your home program UToledo would be very interested in you especially if you intend to stay within Ohio to practice.

Whenever I had considered applicants for such guaranteed admission tracks, I do focus on where your purpose to be a physician is placed, how much "growth" you should have in the next two years, and how involved you will be with the school in transitioning to medical school. If I were you, I would make sure the admissions team connects you with current students who have been accepted through this pathway to know if this is something you want to do and you like the people ahead who will be your mentors throughout the process.

As a rising sophomore, I don't critique so hard with your volunteering, though I think your food/book bank work is a good start. Try to build on that or other issues where you can gain your advocacy voice as well. Before starting medical school, you should have at least 250-300 hours (get 150 by the end of junior year). Not having to study for the MCAT means you can put more effort to the volunteering experiences.

Get a strong faculty champion at UT. I presume this is the PI you mention. Use the networking with your shadowing doctors to find other clinical opportunities that would be worth your time.
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