Aug 15, 2019
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  1. Pre-Veterinary
Hello! My name is Gabriela Martinez and I am a non-traditional applicant. I am 26 y/o and will be the first in my family to graduate from college (Fall 2021). I was planning on applying this cycle but I do not think my experience is broad enough. Any help is appreciated!

Cumulative GPA: ~3.4 (currently, expect somewhat higher after these last couple semesters)
science GPA: ~3.6
last 45: ~3.7

Any degrees achieved: BS in Biology (~Fall 2021)

GRE results: Not taken yet

Veterinary Experience:
- Vet Assistant at Small Animal practice (~7800 hrs)
- Vet Assistant at spay/neuter clinic in Haiti (~50 hrs, week trip)

Animal Experience:
- Animal Care Technician at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (~830 hrs)
- Pet Sitter (~500 hrs)
- Zoo Keeper Aide at National Zoo in Washington DC (~340 hrs, stopped due to COVID-19)

Research Experience:
- Fruit Fly research project during undergrad (~80 hrs)

- Outdoor activities
- Wildlife photography
- Softball

- Hollin Hall Animal Hospital (5+ years, ongoing; worked during school, 7000+ hours)
- Homeward Trail Animal Shelter (800+ hours; worked during school)
- Retail associate (Sunglass Hut) - (600+ hours; worked during school)
- McLean Hardware Store ( 4,000+ hours; worked during school)
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