WAMC/List Help: 3.70 cGPA, 3.60 sGPA, 507 MCAT

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Jul 18, 2023
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Hi! I need some help with making a list of MD/DO schools to apply to. I am also having some reservations about applying to MD schools due to a low MCAT score, so any advice is helpful!

- cGPA and sGPA:

- Cumulative GPA: 3.70 (upward trend)
- Science GPA: 3.60 (still have one class to take)
- Non-Science GPA: 3.96

- MCAT score(s) and breakdown:

- MCAT: 502, 507

507 breakdown:
124 CP, 127 CARS, 127 BB, 129 PS

- State of residence or country of citizenship:

- State of residence: Ohio

- Ethnicity and/or race:

- ORM (Asian)

- Undergraduate Degree:

- Major: Neuroscience

- Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer):

- ~1246 hours total
- ~410 hours as a clinical volunteer (7 years of hospital volunteering/ currently volunteering there)
- ~372 hours as a home health aide (2 years)
- ~ 464 hours working at an addiction clinic (currently working there)

- Research experience:

- ~150 hours of research
- In-progress publication

- Shadowing experience and specialties represented:

- ~47 hours of shadowing
- Specialties: Psychiatry, Neurology

- Non-clinical volunteering:

- ~120 hours with an organization known as Heart for the Unhoused

- Other extracurricular activities:

- I am currently working on developing 2 programs at a hospital to help improve patient/guest interactions with volunteers along with providing said volunteers (mainly high schoolers and college freshmen) the opportunity to gain exposure to the medical field through seminars with various clinical staff. I am connected with another group that offered to provide mentorship to the students who attend the seminar. I also plan on meeting with a medical school that is closely tied with the hospital to see if are interested in partnering up and expanding the program. The goal is to spread the two programs to multiple hospitals within the chain across central Ohio. I am also working on developing a program to further assist addiction residents acquire clothing and food, along with pipelines to various clinics that offer free healthcare.

- Relevant honors or awards:

- Received an award for saving a patient from falling down a flight of stairs
- Deans List for 5 semesters

- Interest in primary care: Y (want to specialize in addiction)

- Interest in rural care: N

- LORs: 6 LORs, 3 science, 1 nonscience, 1 from volunteering, and 1 from a doctor (MD)

School List (MD/DO):

DO Schools:

- OUHCOM (top choice)

- LECOM (FL and Erie)







- Des Moines

- KCOM (newer osteopathic school in Kansas)

- Touro (California)

- Kiran Patel



MD Schools: (Need help making a list here)

- Toledo

- Neomed

- Wright State

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You could add these MD schools to your application:
West Virginia
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
On your DO list remove the new Kansas school. You could add these DO schools:
- Interest in primary care: Y (want to specialize in addiction)
- Interest in rural care: N
Just commenting... rural health is being devastated by substance addictions. You might have the experience seeing this in a rural setting, but at some point, you probably will.