WAMC lower gpa

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Mar 16, 2021
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I’m a traditional 1st time applicant (21 years old) I will be graduating in December 2021 (a semester early) with my undergrad in Biomedical Science: Medical and Veterinary Science. My goal is to be a race track veterinarian or equine focused with sports medicine. I plan on applying to Virginia-Maryland (my instate), Upenn, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ontario Veterinary College. My GPA is lower but it has an increasing upward trend all throughout undergrad. I’m super nervous as I feel i’m not a competitive applicant.

Cumulative GPA: 3.48

Science GPA: 3.35 from all my university science courses, my prereq GPA for individual schools is much higher ranging from (3.5-3.87)

Last 45 credits GPA: 3.9

Research Experience:
-100 hours of biochemistry research invoking sphingolipid metabolism

Veterinary Experience:
  • 750 hours: intern for equine surgeon who specialized in lameness and sports medicine
  • 1,000+ hours: vet tech for gp small animal hospital
  • 30 hours shadowing large equine facility with specialists
  • 40 hours shadowing small animal hospital
  • 20 hours: animal resource office work with lab mice with a lab animal veterinarian
Animal Experience
  • 1,000 hours: daycare/kennel assistant and bather 400 hours working as a Kennel Assistant and barber
  • 500 hours: working at pet store with a variety birds, snakes, lizards, rabbits, and rodents (rats)
  • 100 hours: 4H working with cows, goats, and sheep
  • 1,000 hours: Feeding and upkeep of the horses at my barn
  • 50 hours shadowing a racehorse facility (training and therapeutic)
  • 30 hours mouse husbandry in a research facility

  • employment:
  • Photographer
  • Cashier at grocery store (6 months)
  • Cashier at pet store (3 year)
  • Animal handler at pet store (1 year)

  • 30 hours volunteering at a nursing home playing bingo
  • 30 volunteering at therapeutic riding program
  • 50 hours volunteering as a tutor
  • 50 hours volunteering for through my sorority
  • Deans list three semesters
  • Played soccer for 8 years
  • Horseback riding for 12 years
  • Part time photographer
  • Member of Sigma Alpha sorority holding positions every semester
  • Treasurer of pre-vet club


VMCVM c/o 2024
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Jul 25, 2012
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I think your chances are good because you’re well rounded and have strong experiences. I know Virginia-Maryland values the resiliency essay (if it’s still part of the supplemental app) because it’s a trait they feel is necessary to be successful in the program. So focus on that and if you have any extenuating circumstances related to your less strong start of college, consider using the explanation statement. But I think the upward trend in grades will help you a lot!

I’m an equine tracker at Virginia-Maryland if you have any questions about the program. Though I only just finished first year so I’m not into electives yet. Also happy to give you feedback on essays if that would be helpful :)