1. hopeful_vet2026

    Tennessee c/o 2026 hopefuls

    Welcome to the UTCVM applicant page for class of 2026! Good luck to everyone!!
  2. E

    WAMC lower gpa

    I’m a traditional 1st time applicant (21 years old) I will be graduating in December 2021 (a semester early) with my undergrad in Biomedical Science: Medical and Veterinary Science. My goal is to be a race track veterinarian or equine focused with sports medicine. I plan on applying to...
  3. L

    WAMC: Class of 2026 Hopeful!!

    South Carolina resident, 20 years old, 1st time traditional applicant Schools I plan to apply to: UGA (contract seat opportunity), Auburn, UPenn, Mississippi State (contract seat opportunity), Florida, Colorado State, Lincoln Memorial, LSU (?), Missouri, Tufts (?) Cumulative GPA: 3.75 Science...
  4. hlcav28

    Traditional App.: C- in Transcript

    Hi all! I'm hoping to apply to vet school this summer. As I was looking back on my transcript I noticed I received a C- last fall in Orgo 2 I don't know why it didn't register it was this low until now, all this time I remembered it being a C+/B-. In past semesters (prior to the C-) I've...
  5. L

    WAMC: Class of 2026!

    Hi all! I am currently finishing up my first semester of my junior year and I am applying to vet school during this upcoming cycle (opens in January) I was wondering if anybody could look over my info/stats and offer opinions/advice! Thanks in advance! 20 year old South Carolina resident...
  6. T_Huene

    Application Check

    So I’m looking for fair and straight criticism on the main points of what will become my application hopefully in the coming couple years. I graduated high school with just below a 3.0 and then continued onto the Honors College of Lewis and Clark Community College in Southern Illinois for an...
  7. Rhetrick19

    WAMC: First time applicant c/o 2025

    Hi! I’m applying to vet school this cycle and feeling really anxious about it. This is my first time and I’m wanting some advice on my application. I’m applying to Iowa State (IS), Kansas, and Colorado. I have to stay in the midwest due to my boyfriend being in the Iowa national guard...
  8. BigCats

    VMCAS Questions and Rants c/o 2025

    Happy "VMCAS is open four months early" day, y'all :) Post your VMCAS questions and rants here for the 2020-2021 cycle! Good luck to everyone who's still waiting to hear back from schools and good luck to everyone applying this new cycle! VMCAS Customer Service (Help with the application)...
  9. V


    Hey :) I never thought I would make one of these posts but the whole COVID situation has given me a lot more time to think (stress) about my chances of getting into vet school and really wondering if it is possible? I'm from BC so applying to WCVM, I just graduated with a bachelor of science...
  10. 1

    WAMC? Highly Motivated Pre-Vet Student!

    Hello everyone! I am a pre-vet student at a small liberal arts college in Virginia. I am finishing off my junior year now, and will be completing a BS in biology as well as a minor in animal science and chemistry in spring of 2021. I have taken between 16-18 credit hours every semester, and...
  11. clparsnick


  12. L

    Undergrad Sophomore Looking for Advice!

  13. DVMGoals77

    Schools and UNE Online Courses

    Hi! I know there is a giant UNE thread discussing the online courses available through the University of New England, but I didn't have any luck finding information about which schools accept these courses and which ones don't. I know it's best to email every school, but wondered if anyone had...
  14. K

    Attending Grad School Before Vet...Should I Re-Take C+ Pre-Reqs?

    Hi everyone, I need advice on whether or not I should be re-taking pre-req classes to raise that gpa, even if I am going to have an advanced degree (MS Biology) before applying to vet school. I received my B.S. in Biology last December. I have a few C+s, one B- : Organic Chemistry 1 & 2...
  15. T

    Chances getting into vet school

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on my application. My overall GPA is 2.65, I failed intro to chem and chem 1 in the past and just passed Organic chemistry 1(1st try) and in the process of taking organic chem 2 now (aiming for an A or B). I Know my GPA is horrible and will be the...
  16. EB73674

    Class of 2024 Applicants

    I don’t know if this is the thread style for these (haha), but with VMCAS opening this morning we are officially in the application cycle for class of 2024! Who else is applying? Where are you applying and why? Any thoughts on the essays/questions yet?
  17. P

    Successful Vet School Transfers?

    Can any successful DVM transfers tell me what their GPA and class standing was like? I want to transfer from my current caribbean vet school to one in the U.S.. I think my reasons are valid enough, due to the current citizenship and the immigration policies changing in the US, my husband is not...
  18. scs589

    Auburn CVM Class of 2024 Hopefuls!

    Haven't seen a thread made for Auburn yet, so here goes! How is everyone feeling about their apps?
  19. scs589

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys! Just looking for honest opinions on chances. Alabama resident, Mississippi state grad Applying to MSUCVM AND AUCVM Cum. GPA: 4.0 Science gpa: 4.0 Degrees: Will have a BS in Animal and Dairy science with a minor in chemistry (Still have physics left) Have held a full time job...
  20. Rayprevet

    WAMC? Applying for c/o 2024

    Hi all, I am new to these forums but very excited to find a place with other students just like me! I have just completed my junior year, and will graduate with my Bachelors of Environmental Science spring of 2020. Associates of Natural Science, May 2018- Summa Cum Laude Cumulative GPA: 3.8...
  21. L

    Internships during Undergrad

    Hey everyone! I just finished my first year of undergrad and I didn't have a job or internship during the school year because I wanted to give myself a year to focus on academics. Now that the year is over I have an internship at a local small animal hospital where I intern for 18 hours a week...
  22. A

    Where do I go from a bad semester?

    Hi, I'm a Sophomore. This semester I started off taking Calc 1, Chem 1, and Bio 2 with labs. I ended up withdrawing from Calc. Over half the class failed the first exam and it was just a mess. I thought could manage through Chem 1 without hs / intro to Chem. This was a big mistake, and I'm going...
  23. L

    Advice for a freshman in undergrad?

    Hi everyone! I’m finishing up the second semester of my freshman year of undergraduate as a pre-veterinary major and it seems like it has flown by! Although I have gotten good grades and gotten involved in many extracurriculars this year, I am often left wondering if I am doing enough to stand...
  24. U

    LSU C/O 2023

    Let's get this party started. Anybody been moved into folder review yet?
  25. E

    Help?? Am i doing this right?

    Hey guys! i am new to this forum and am really looking for some advice and support, as veterinary medicine is not a very popular major around my area. i am finishing up my second year of college and want to pursue vet medicine. But, im worried about the prereqs for vet school itself and making...
  26. PenguinPal506

    Online Genetics courses 2018

    Hi all! I know this topic has been discussed in previous threads but when reading, I've noticed that the posts are about a year old so I was thinking maybe we can share some new information we've had on the topic of genetics online courses! Has anyone taken a genetics online course that they...
  27. PenguinPal506

    Application process? v confused

    hiiii i’m new to being prevet and i was wondering how the application process was? I want to apply for the next cycle. if i applied in may 2019, what year would i start to attend vet school? and when would i take the GRE? i know this must be a silly question but i’d appreciate any help i can...
  28. PenguinPal506

    New to Pre-Vet life! Any advice will help!

    Hey guys! I am a recent Pre-Vet student (switched from pre med) and am a little lost on how to start building my application for vet school. i would love any recommendations on what vet schools look out for the most, what type of volunteer i should do, shadowing, etc. and approximately how...
  29. Lupin21

    VMCAS Questions and Rants c/o 2023

    Please post all your VMCAS questions and rants here for ease of finding information for the 2018 application cycle. Good luck all!! ETA For questions redirected to VMCAS: VMCAS Customer Service (Help with the application): 617-612-2884 or [email protected]
  30. acc10

    Vet School Visits!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help from current vet students. I'm a rising senior undergrad student applying this admissions cycle. I live in New York and am going on vacation in Florida in a couple of weeks (July 21-July 29). My dad and I are planning on driving back so we can stop and...
  31. B

    UGA for Post bacc or non-degree seeking for Pre-Vet?

    Hello all, Was hoping that the experienced among you might have some thoughts: I'm a non-trad, zero science undergrad (though a lot in HS) looking to go back to school once I resign from the Army next year to get vet school prereqs and then, of course, go to vet school. I have a bachelors from...
  32. Armyhealth

    Class of 2023 Veterinary HPSP

    Started this thread for those applying to Vet School/HPSP this upcoming cycle. All questions welcome about application process or army questions. Good luck!
  33. PlumPoppy

    Animal Experience?

    I know that personal pets usually do not count under animal experience, but I read that if your pet had a medical condition or disease where they needed constant attention it may count? I had a pet rat who had developed some kind of respiratory problem. The vets couldn't exactly figure out what...
  34. TheGirlWithTheFernTattoo

    Funny Interview Bloopers

    There's a thread like this in Pre-Allo that's always an entertaining read, but I haven't seen one for the pre-vets (I used the search function I swear!). As a community we must have some good stories, right? From vet school or otherwise. My contribution from an interview I had today, since I...
  35. L

    Post bacc or second bachelors

    Hello everyone! I was hoping to get some solid advice. I am a 25 y.o. Female from NY. I recently decided to grow a pair and start a track to Vet school. Problem is, I have a BBA in Marketing with a Cum Gpa 2.96. I was considering doing a Post bacc program and KILLING IT, getting...
  36. R

    cornell vs tufts vet school

    So i have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to Cornell (IS) and Penn and 5 other veterinary schools that i would not consider over Cornell or penn. I have an interview at Tufts next week and would have to take off two days of work to go to the interview. Is it worth it to go to the...
  37. F

    Pre-Vet After (or without Degree)?

    Have any of you completed a degree, then gone back later to complete just the pre-vet requirements and been accepted to vet school? (Or done just the pre-vet reqs without a degree at all?) I'm over 2 hours from campus, so am currently an on-line student. Finishing my pre-vet reqs would...
  38. R

    LSU SVM Quality of Program

    Hi, I am strongly considering LSU SVM for veterinary school if I am lucky enough to get in! I was just curious how they're program is as far as getting hands on experience, doing surgeries, etc. I have heard mixed reviews about the clinical years and how students don't even tough an animal...
  39. F

    PreVet students, what's your class/work/experience hours schedule?

    I'm starting pre vet in the spring. A huge concern of mine is balancing work, school and getting the experience hours I need to apply to vet school. I'm nervous because it's hard to find online science classes due to labs (which are time consuming and makes it harder to work), be able to work to...
  40. Foxxy

    Finding my way back to school

    Hi there! So I am a retired art student haha at 23. So quick story, I did not want to go to college right after HS because I had no clue what I wanted to do. My parents forced me so I decided to major in Fine arts at the local community college. I did all right, had an internship in Disney...