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MD & DO WAMC/School List Critique


Full Member
May 24, 2017
  1. 3.6 cGPA and 3.4 sGPA
  2. I’m taking the MCAT tomorrow, 7/28. Practice test scores have been about 509 +/- 2, with the most recent being a 509 (126/129/127/127). My school list is tentative pending my results, however, my apps will be submitted.
  3. Texas resident
  4. Hispanic
  5. Southern Private School
  6. Clinical Volunteering: 50 hours volunteering at a mental health day habilitation center, 50 hours (more prospectively) volunteering at a primary care clinic in my city doing various tasks.
  7. Research: 9-month clinical research internship that resulted in 2 poster presentations. Currently involved in another project with a PI I met from this same internship that will result in another poster presentation. ~150 hours, no publications.
  8. Shadowing: Internship through my school gave me 50 shadowing hours split across 10 different medical specialties. Pediatrics, oncology, radiology, emergency, ob/gyn, geriatrics, anesthesiology, urology, clinical psyc, primary care. Also have ~30 hours in emergency and primary care beyond this.
  9. Non-Clinical volunteering: 100+ hours volunteering as a reading/writing tutor at local elementary schools, driving as a meal deliverer for senior citizens, and serving meals at salvation army
  10. Other EC: I work as a student ambassador for my university. Assist with freshman orientation, prospective student tours, prospective student communications, and at alumni networking events. I have written for, and recently was promoted to student editor of, the joint newsletter of my school’s science departments. I was employed as a student athlete tutor for 6 months.
  11. I applied for and won a $10,000 scholarship from an outside organization
  12. I don’t know how relevant this is, but I am a transfer student. Attended one private school my freshman year, didn’t like it, and transferred to a different one closer to home where I spent soph and junior year, and will graduate. Have never been sure whether this is a factor that is looked at in admissions or not. Transfer was not discipline or grades related, I just didn’t feel “at home” at former school and wanted a better fit.
My school list is tentative pending my MCAT scores. If I score ~508 or higher, then it shouldn’t change much, but if it is lower, then I’ll change it up as necessary.

In Texas: applying all schools besides Baylor college of Medicine and UT southwestern. A&M is the dream!

Outside of Texas:
- California Northstate
- Central Michigan
- George Washington
- Loyola Chicago
- LSU New Orleans
- Michigan State
- Rosalind Franklin
- Miami
- Tulane
- Arizona (Tucson)
- Wake Forest
- Geisel Dartmouth

DO schools:
- Incarnate Word
- Alabama
- AT Still
- LECOM-Bradenton
- All 3 Edward College campuses

My biggest concern is being a “late” applicant. MCAT scores won’t be out until the end of August, though my apps should be verified by then. I’m annoyed that I’m applying late but I also don’t regret it because I pushed my MCAT back from May to July to make sure I would be ready.

I will appreciate any feedback for my school list! Thank you!
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