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Jan 6, 2021
    I finally got my MCAT score so I’m trying to finalize my school list. My main limitation is that I’m a Maryland resident and I’m trying to only apply to schools in MD or states around MD (VA, PA, DC, NY, NJ, other nearby schools). I bought MSAR but I’m not really sure how to narrow down my list or how to figure out whether or not I should apply to certain schools.

    **State/Country of Residence**: Maryland

    **Ties to other States/Regions**: VA (I was born there and have family living there; also go there at least once a week) and D.C (work and volunteer there)

    **URM?**: No - Middle Eastern

    **Year in School**: Graduating a semester early this December (so senior)

    **Undergraduate Degree**: Public Health Science

    **GPA**: 3.96

    **MCAT**: 516 (129, 128, 129, 130)

    **Research Experience**: 100 hours of research in child development

    **Publications/Abstracts/Posters**: N/A

    **Clinical Experience (paid and volunteer)**: Paid - About 500 hours as ED scribe and 150 hours as MRI tech assistant; 100 hours volunteering; still currently work at both places and 130 hours as PT aide; Volunteer: 100 hours at local hospital

    **Physician Shadowing**: 75 hours (mainly pediatrics and maternal-fetal medicine)

    **Non-Clinical Volunteering**: 100 hours - packaging and delivering personalized meals to sick people in DMV area; 250 hours as camp counselor; 300 hours volunteering somewhere that delivers medical equipment to underserved countries

    **Other Extracurricular Activities**: Vice President for public health club, Secretary for sorority, and Outreach Coordinator for UNICEF chapter on my campus (750 hours total for all 3 clubs)

    **Other Employment History**: N/A

    **Immediate family members in medicine? (Y/N)**: No, not in America. I have one uncle who’s an ENT in another country though

    **Specialty of Interest**: OB-GYN/Maternal-Fetal Medicine but obviously open to whatever catches my interest the most

    **Interest in Primary Care (Y/N)**: Yes

    **Interest in Rural Health (Y/N)**: Not really sure - but I wouldn’t mind

    My current list:
    George Washington
    Johns Hopkins University (dad got a degree here, does that matter?)
    Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
    Virginia Tech
    Albert Einstein
    Icahn SOM
    Rutgers New Jersey Medical school
    University of Pittsburgh SOM
    Drexel University College of Medicine
    University of Pennsylvania SOM
    Upstate Medical University
    Geisinger Commonwealth
    Stonybrook NY
    Penn State
    Eastern Virginia Med School
    Duke University SOM
    Sidney Kimmel Medical College

    I currently have 23 schools on here but don't plan on applying to more than 20. Are there any schools I should add/remove from this list? Does it have a good balance of reaches/targets/etc?
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    Jan 6, 2021
      Rutgers and SUNY Upstate admit few non residents with no connection to the state. You could add these schools:
      Seton Hall
      West Virginia
      Wake Forest
      Thank you! Do the other schools look okay too? Do I have a good balance between reaches and schools I have a good chance of getting into? I just don't want to apply to too many reaches that I have no chance at.
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