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  1. Z

    School List Review: CA NON-TRAD URM WITH IA :(

    CA resident URM IA: Yes, alcohol freshman year RIP (shows up when I contacted student affairs) GPA: (Non-trad) 2019 Undergrad (non STEM) 3.7 2021 CC 1: 3.5 (STEM) 2022 Post-bac program: 3.7 (STEM) MCAT: 509 (1st time) Volunteering - 100 hours (hospital directly speaking with patients in...
  2. Luna25

    Nontrad 3.58 cGPA, 520 MCAT

    Hi everyone! I'm a nontraditional student planning to apply MD this cycle. Would love thoughts on my school list. cGPA: 3.58 sGPA: 3.56 PostBac GPA: 3.74 MCAT: 520 (129/130/129/132) Disadvantaged, ORM State of Residency: Colorado, ties to Oklahoma (grew up there) and Texas (lived there for...
  3. Luna25

    WAMC/School List, 3.58 cGPA, 3.74 PostBac GPA, 520, Non-Trad, ORM (I think)

    Looking to finalize my school list soon and would love some feedback! I'm a non-trad student interested in mental health and women’s health, and I have a background as a project manager and tech consultant. State of Residency: Colorado, ties to Oklahoma (lived there until I was 22) and Texas...
  4. C

    WAMC 3.0 upward trend, 518 MCAT, URM, heavy research experience

    Hi everyone...I’m fully done with my primary app and am starting to pre-write secondaries, but I am stuck on which schools to apply to with my low GPA upward trend and highish MCAT. My heavy involvement with research since undergrad also doesn’t help given the importance of mission fit. Any...
  5. C

    MD & DO WAMC Florida Resident 508 MCAT/Undergrad cGPA 3.149/ Masters cGPA 3.83

    Hey everyone, I generated a school list and wanted to get any feedback I could on it. I'm a Florida resident and luckily qualified for the fee assistance program so I can apply to all the Florida schools and then 12 more schools that I match up with. I also plan to apply to DO also. I outlined...
  6. P

    Can rural interest open doors at OOS unfriendly schools?

    Hello all, As the title implies, I have a very great passion for rural healthcare. It’s my main reason for going into medicine, I have a hard time seeing myself practicing in anything other than a rural or rural accessible setting. Growing up in Appalachia in a rural area that was still within...
  7. Jdentalm

    WAMC/ School list help

    Date of submission: Overall GPA:3.54 Science GPA:3.55 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA:3.55 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 27 AA, 30 TS, 30 all science sections, 24 QR, 21 RC, 24 PAT State of Residence: Virginia Major: Biology Minor: n/a Minority? No Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No...
  8. Jdentalm

    WAMC/ help with School list selection

  9. Huo

    What are my chances of being accepted? Recommended school list?

    Hi everyone. I am planning on applying this upcoming cycle. I took my first MCAT in May 2022 and got a 500 (128, 121, 127, 124). I then retook it in Sep of the same year and got 507 (130, 121, 129, 127). I was satisfied with my score except for the CARS section :( I did not improve on CARS at...
  10. I

    WAMC 514/4.0/ORM

    Hi! I'm hoping to get some help with finalizing my school list (I have some sprinkled in there that I know are absolutely dream schools). I would really appreciate any feedback on my list and thoughts on what my chances at these schools are! State of residence: MA Ties to other states (if...
  11. N

    MD & DO WAMC 3.91/509, CA ORM

    cGPA = 3.88 sGPA = 3.91 MCAT 509 CHEM: 127 CARS: 125 BIO: 129 Psych: 128 California White male University of California Irvine (nontraditional in that I did all my med school pre reqs after graduation) 1500 hours scribe/MA 580 hours research 8 hours anesthesiology / 8 hours plastic...
  12. S

    WAMC/School List Help 3.97/524/OK ORM

    Hi everyone! I'm a graduating senior applying this upcoming cycle. I'd like to get some feedback on my application and suggestions for schools that I should apply to, as well as ideas on what to do for my gap year if you have any. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.97 cGPA...
  13. misotope

    WAMC 3.91/520, California ORM

    Thank you!
  14. F

    WAMC/School List Advice: Sincerely, an overachieving pre-med

    Good evening my fellow pre-med (and possibly med) friends! I would absolutely LOVE and appreciate any advice on my school list for the upcoming cycle. Disclaimer: I was a massive overachiever in undergrad (graduated 2021), so I am having to combine a lot of my experiences into one umbrella...
  15. B

    WAMC/School List Help 3.80 cGPA, 508 MCAT ORM

    Hey guys, I am going to apply for this upcoming cycle and I have a strong interest in primary care/family medicine. Also, I'm applying to MD + DO and I was wondering WAMC for this cycle? I don't have a ton of clinical hours and my MCAT is not great for MD. cGPA 3.80, sGPA 3.82 (strong upward...
  16. N

    WAMC/School List Help 3.53 GPA/510 MCAT, URM

    Hi everyone! I'm an Oklahoma resident and my goal is to get into OU med. Their 2025 averages are 3.8 cGPA, and a 508 MCAT and I'd be so grateful if I could get some help crafting a good school list. I graduated back when the pandemic hit in 2020 and have since worked on getting clinical...
  17. T

    MD School list help - 516 MCAT, 3.69 cGPA, 3.61 sGPA

    I'm trying to build my school list, and would like some recommendations/feedback! I went to a liberal arts college and majored in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology. I ended up with a 3.69 cGPA and 3.61 sGPA with a good upward trend. I got a 516 on my MCAT and got a 126 in CP, 128...
  18. Y

    School List Help 3.89cGPA 511 MCAT ORM

    cGPA 3.891 sGPA 3.848 MCAT 511 Michigan Resident ORM Undergrad— top public state school Clinical MA in cardiology office 400 hours projected CNA for 6 months 400 hours Volunteer at free clinic 80 hours projected Patient sitter 100 hours Shadowing Rheumatologist— in process— 50 hours...
  19. M

    Would appreciate help with school list and app review

    I am very very bad at creating school lists and accurately gauging my own app. App so far: -applying in May cGPA: 3.84 sGPA: 3.8 MCAT: 520 T10 undergrad Washington resident Majors: Computer Science with machine learning concentration and Neuroscience Research: About 5000 hours? 6...
  20. F

    School List Help

    I graduate in like a week with a 3.7 GPA and a 521 MCAT Like 2500 hours of research (organic chem/biomaterials) with maybe authorship by the time I apply. 500 hours volunteering as a boy scout leader. 100 hours volunteering at a non-profit dental/ WIC clinic. 600ish hours of clinical experience...
  21. A


  22. S

    [Updated] Need Help Making A School List and Improving My App

    Update: I replied below with updated hours and a new roadblock concerning my letters of rec. Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Hi all, I was looking for help making a school list for when I apply in May. I am also wondering what parts of my app are weak and need some more work in the months...
  23. K

    School list help: OR ORM 3.47 cGPA, 3.36 sGPA, 512 MCAT

    1.) cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA 3.47 Freshman: 3.05 Sophomore: 3.56 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.25 [Curse you COVID] Post-bacc: 3.92 (36 credits) sGPA 3.36 Freshman: 2.60 Sophomore: 3.46 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.17 Post-bacc 3.88 2.) MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 512 (128...
  24. bouncydidit

    School list help 511/3.7 (4.0 postbac) CA resident

    Would love feedback on my school list! I am a reapplicant and definitely feel like my poor school list cost me the cycle last time. I tried posting on Reddit but hoping to get better feedback here. I also have a strong public health and research background. Ideally, i would like to apply to 30...
  25. lionsfan13

    WAMC + School List Help - 3.99/524 ORM - mediocre ECs/yield protection?

  26. K

    School List Advice: MCAT 522 sGPA 3.95 cGPA 3.97

    Hello everybody! I am struggling to put together a school list and I figured I would post this here and see what y'all think about my current school list. Any advice is super appreciated! FL resident ORM sGPA: 3.95 ; cGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 522 (131,128,132,131) Currently attend a large public...
  27. B

    WAMC/school list. 507, 3.97 GPA ORM

    Hello I would like some feedback on my school list. Here are my stats and experiences Arizona resident. Born in Chicago GPA: 3.97 sGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 507 Clinical experience- 700 scribing over one year 360 hours as patient transport volunteer over 4 years Physician shadowing 150 hours over 5...
  28. K

    MD & DO MD/DO School List (3.6 cGPA, 511)

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who is able to take the time to make recommendations and give any advice. I appreciate all the valuable help/support! My cGPA is 3.6 sGPA is 3.3 (with upward trend) MCAT 511 White Attended state school Clinical - volunteer: ~50 (projected 250) Clinical - paid...
  29. RedemptionThroughKnowledg

    WAMC + School List Nurse / DNP Student 3.27 cgpa and 503 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Thank you to this wonderful community for your time. I am a NonTrad who worked before college then went to Nursing School. I recently withdrew from a DNP program to pursue Medicine DO or MD I personally love both. I am finishing most of my prereqs this Summer. I have posted...
  30. B

    MD WAMC + School List: ORM, 3.81/527

  31. deus_dominus

    School list help!! (MD ORM, cGPA 3.89, sGPA 3.86, 511 MCAT)

    Hi guys!! I am making this post to get help with making my school list as I get ready to apply for this upcoming cycle! Any feedback on my school list or what I should do for my application would be amazing. Thanks in advance!!! Stats/Background State: Maryland, ORM (AA), graduating senior...
  32. HalJordann

    School list help/advice 3.93 cGPA, 3.87 sGPA, 511 MCAT, CA ORM

    Hi SDN, I am making this post with the primary intention of helping with my school list for the next cycle. Any feedback on my school list or application would be great. Thank you all in advance! Stats and Background CA, ORM, graduated from small private school in SoCal cGPA=3.93 sGPA=3.87...
  33. send_help

    WAMC 514/3.85 Reapplicant

    State/Country of Residence: OH Ties to other States/Regions: SC, GA URM? (Y/N): N Year in School: Graduated in Spring 2021 Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Computer Science Graduate Degrees (if applicable): N/A Cumulative GPA: 3.85 Science GPA: 3.72 MCAT Score(s): 514 Research Experience: 200...
  34. C

    Need Help with my School List/ WAMC

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting to SDN, but I am applying in the 2022-2023 cycle, and wanted to see if my school list is acceptable given my stats/experiences: Undergrad: T20, graduated 2021 URM, female State of Residence: NC 3.76 cGPA and 3.76 sGPA. 512 MCAT (128/127/130/127) 50 hrs...
  35. E

    Help With School List (CA/ORM)

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I'm hoping to get some feedback on my school list. Here are some information: GPA: 3.96 Science GPA: 3.97 UC Berkeley First Gen Immigrant/ College Student, Disadvantaged Status (Low income, Pell Grants) MCAT: 523 (131/129/131/132) Clinical Volunteering...
  36. noodlechicken1

    MD School list and chances (3.98, 511)

    Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it! Class of 2022 and a solid Public research university in NY NY Resident, ORM Biochemsitry BS. sGPA - 3.98, cGPA - 3.97. MCAT: 511 (131,124, 128, 128) - I am dyslexic :( Research: 1600h, biochemistry lab for Antibody drug conjugates, One oral...
  37. N

    WAMC, please? URIM, 3.83/3.89, 509?

    Edits: tried to make it clear and concise! Hey guys, I'm pretty new to online forums and feel like a floundering fish looking at medical school lists. My prehealth advisor is also super swamped as many many advisors left recently, so I haven't heard back and I can't schedule a meeting...
  38. C

    WAMC - School list help (3.96, 516)

    I finally got my MCAT score so I’m trying to finalize my school list. My main limitation is that I’m a Maryland resident and I’m trying to only apply to schools in MD or states around MD (VA, PA, DC, NY, NJ, other nearby schools). I bought MSAR but I’m not really sure how to narrow down my list...
  39. love_of_lox

    WAMC/list development; Reapplicant, 518, 3.81 cGPA, 3.70 sGPA, OR

    Hello! In addition to an assessment of my chances, I would really, really appreciate any information on unspoken preferences/recommendations, e.g. very community service-oriented, research-heavy, very social justice-focused, draws heavily from its own undergrads, etc. Other information: Not...
  40. A

    3.98/524/VA/ORM. School List Help/WAMC

    Hi guys! I wanted to share my stats and list to see if anyone had advice on what high-tiers to drop and what low/mid tiers to add (the list is very long and ambitious so would appreciate any input!) MCAT: 524 (132, 130, 130, 132) cGPA: 3.98 sGPA: 3.99 ORM; VA resident Research: around 1500 in...