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  1. true_royal

    WAMC & School list - 3.79/516 ORM applicant

    I posted here a little while ago and got some good school list feedback. Now that the AMCAS page is open and I'm starting to finalize my list of schools, I wanted to post one more time with my updated list just to get some last second feedback. Here's the overview for my application this year...
  2. L

    MD Help me decide school list. gpa 3.97 mcat 524

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this! Any input would be awesome. Unsure how well I chose these schools (feel like it could be too top heavy, but unsure). Any recommendations would be sweet! State: CA Ties: Undergrad in Michigan URM: AA Male Year: Graduate Spring 2022...
  3. boulderb

    School List Help Please! 3.99/517

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help with WAMC and particularly finalizing a school list. I am unsure of whether I have too many reach schools with my somewhat low EC's (especially due to COVID this past year and the fact that I'm 20 and graduating early), and also not sure whether it's worth...
  4. W

    Chances? 3.6/3.4

    State/Country of Residence: Virginia Ties to other States/Regions: N/A URM? (Y/N): Y (Hispanic Male) Year in School: Senior Undergraduate Major(s)/Minor(s): Health Science Graduate Degrees (if applicable): N/A Cumulative GPA: 3.6 (strong upward trend) 4.0 the last 3 semesters. Science GPA: 3.45...
  5. D

    WAMC/ School list help Low GPA High MCAT MD/DO

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on here. I am currently a senior rn about to graduate undergrad. Stats/info: CA resident ORM (inland empire) Strong ties to Illinois (i think, i have tons of family and have been going there alot of summers/winter breaks since I was a kid, and wouldnt...
  6. R

    MD 3.7/515 Reapplicant School List Help

    Hi everyone! I'm anticipating having to reapply the next cycle and I would greatly appreciate advice on a school list (I'm so overwhelmed by all the factors). I graduated from a decent state school (2019) and already took a gap year before applying the first time (2020), so I'll have taken 2...
  7. J

    school list help

    Post moved to WAMC:
  8. N

    What are my chances/list of schools to apply to? 3.68 GPA, 518 MCAT

    Hi All, I'm struggling to narrow down the list of schools to apply to given the discrepancy between my mcat and gpa. I'd love some input on what tier level schools to apply to/list of schools to apply to given my stats and background. Demographic/Personal Background: CA resident. female...
  9. Daddy_Squidward

    [Reapplicant] I raised my MCAT score by 14 points -- where should I consider applying?

    I recently made a similar post on Reddit, where I asked for advice on improving my application (please follow that link for an organized summary of my application). Now, I want to ask the SDN community for advice on which schools I should consider applying to. At this point, I'm not asking for...
  10. U

    School List Thoughts

  11. A

    School List Help - 3.9 / 513 -> 520 / Third time applicant

  12. emarled1427

    New MCAT score/Help with School List

    Hi everyone! I would really appreciate any help/advice. My MCAT score came out on 8/18, and I got a 508. This was my first MCAT. My practice AAMC FLs were 510/506/510/516. I even took the 4th FL, on which I got a 516, a week before my exam :( I was hoping for a 510-515. MSAR shows a 508 barely...
  13. G

    How does my school list look?

    Hi, everyone! I'm about finalized with my school list and have been writing secondaries. But, I want to make sure that my school list looks good, and to see if anyone has any suggestions for a school I should swap out or another reach school that might have higher chances for me. My stats: GPA...
  14. G

    Updated School List?

    Hi everyone, I was an mcat retaker who submitted my primary in early june to be verified with one school, and now that I have a new score I’m adding all of the other schools and working on secondaries. I’m really happy with my new score but now I’m wondering if my list is too stacked, or if i’m...
  15. nicolek817

    Which GPA is more important: undergrad vs. post bacc?

    Hi! I graduated (Johns Hopkins) with a cGPA of 3.42 after only taking 2 premed classes. I had an upward trend, my last 3 semesters being 3.87, 3.93, and 4.0. I ended up doing a formal postbacc (USC) of 30 credits (Bio, O Chem 2 semesters, Gen chem 1 semester, Physics 2 semesters, Biochem 1...
  16. C

    MD school list help! 3.84/516

    Hello, I need help deciding what schools to apply. Stats: Asian, Female. born in a foreign country but have US citizenship cGPA at community college before transfer: 4.00/4.00 cGPA at UNC after transfer: 3.7/4.0 sGPA after transfer: 3.65~3.66/4.0 combined GPA from community college and UNC...
  17. T

    Help with School list (3.73/516)

    Hi everyone, I am in need of help in creating a school list. I have schools in mind but I would really appreciate advice from experienced members on SDN. My GPA is 3.73 and I have an MCAT score of 516. I attended a top 20 public university and I graduated May of 2017. I worked on a semester...
  18. Z

    School list

    In-State Schools: CA University of Science and Medicine Kaiser Permanente Keck School of Medicine at USC UC Davis UC Irvine UC San Diego UC San Francisco Out-of-State Schools: Albert Einstein College Case Western Reserve Donald and Barbara Zucker SOM Hofstra/Northwell Emory University...
  19. H

    MD .

  20. 1

    School List Help

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  21. beefeedflowermix


  22. Big Tall Doctor

    Help Putting together a school list

    Dear fellows and ADCOMS of SDN, I humbly request some guidance as to which schools might look upon my application with favor in the coming 2020-2021 cycle. As my previous posts and this category might indicate, I am a non trad who underwent @Goro plan for reinvention within the last year and...
  23. L


  24. B

    Help with school list! MCAT 516, GPA 3.9

  25. G

    MD [deleted]

  26. H

    WAMC/could someone help with my school list?

    Year in school: Senior (applying next cycle, some hours are projected based on current and past trends) Country/state of residence: Wyoming GPA: 3.87 cGPA, 3.82 sGPA. Physiology major, minors in chemistry and molecular biology. Large state school. GPA majorly brought down by a C in a...
  27. A

    Applying DO with no DO shadowing

  28. A


  29. HazelHippie

    Sociology B.A / URM F Afr. / 502 MCAT / Service Oriented

    Hello All! I've been on this forum for a while. I love how helpful everyone is on here. I would like help with building a school list. Notes : Previously been in combined BA/MD program but withdrew in good standing due to illness. This condition is resolved. Graduated undergrad in 2016. 3.5C...
  30. F

    MD School List: 522 MCAT, 3.84 sGPA, 3.73 cGPA

    hi everyone -- I've looked through sdn for a few months now (thanks to everyone who is a tremendous resource!) but have been unable to find school list threads close enough to my own application that I decided to post my own before adding my school list to my application (I added my in-state...
  31. Wayfinder

    WAMC: gpa3.82, MCAT 508 strong service peds

    Hi SDN, thanks for any help you can give me! Degree: Biomedical Sciences @ local FL university Cumulative GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.81 MCAT Score: 508 (127:124:127:130) Cars killed me if I need to retake I plan to invest in cars tutoring, and build more stamina was exhausted during bio :(...
  32. A

    Reapplicant School List

  33. D

    WAMC? Help me build up my school list!

    Hey guys! Here are my stats and schools I've applied to. I want to add a 3-4 more schools to my list (Im a little stuck) + figure out what my chances are. Thank you in advance! cGPA: 3.43 sGPA: 3.19 MCAT: 512 Research: 450 hours, 2 years of experience, 1 paper in review for publication Clinical...
  34. A

    School List Advice 513/3.8

    Hi! I'm looking for some advice before I submit. I am a 22 y.o. NY resident completing my first gap year with Americorps. I went to a small college (Nazareth). MCAT: 513 (129, 130, 127, 127) , 3.81 GPA. ECs are heavily service based, though I was an ED scribe (560 hrs) and did a summer...
  35. E

    WAMC 3.87/520 (130 all around)

    Hi thank you for your opinions! I am applying both MD PhD and MD programs, and will indicate which one with the schools. For background: cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA: 3.88 sGPA:3.88 MCAT score(s) and breakdown 520 (130,130,130,130) State of residence or country of...
  36. B

    MD & DO Help with school list, please

    Hi all, I'm planning on applying this cycle and need some help finalizing my school list. Asian female, AZ resident Undergrad: U of AZ Degrees: BA Biochemistry, BS Molecular & Cellular Biology (Slightly non-trad applicant, in the sense that I graduated in 3 years. Took a gap year after...
  37. P

    MD CA Nontrad T20 ORM 519/3.8/s3.69 - Help me cut down my school list!

    Hi there, applying this cycle and was hoping for feedback on my school list? My deets: CA resident ORM, T20 undergrad, career changer MCAT: 519 balanced GPA/sGPA: 3.8/3.69 Slight upward trend: had a couple B’s and one C in science classes; since switching to pre-med have gotten straight As...