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Apr 24, 2023
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Hi, I am going on my 3rd reapplication cycle and would like help with my OOS school list (MD only). I had only applied to my IS MD school (OHSU) for the previous cycles, so my current list below may be poor. Thank you.
  1. cGPA 3.9 sGPA 3.92, B.S. biochemistry, honors college 2021
  2. 509 (131/124/128/126), LM 69
  3. Oregon
  4. Asian
  5. Public state school
  6. Clinical experience - 1740 hrs total: 1500hrs paid 1-year full time scribe, 240 hrs volunteer in the hospital (neuroICU, ER)
  7. Research Experience - 3500 hrs (during undergrad and 1-year full time as a research assistant with patient exposure), no publications, 3 posters, an acknowledgement, and an honors thesis.
  8. Shadowing - 64 hrs total: 20hrs in the OR anesthesiologist, 12 hours in ICU hem/oncologist, 32 hours in OR and clinic surgical oncologist.
  9. Non-clinical - 120 hours total: 40 hours - food prep for underserved communities, 65 hours - homeless shelter, 15 hours - research project for underserved communities. I am aiming for 180-200 hours by the time the cycle begins (mainly via homeless shelter in the next 3 months).
  10. Extracellular activities - competed in esports and qualified for the regional tournament (200 hrs over 6 months)
  11. No cool awards
  12. probably mid LOR from two PI + two physicians I've worked with.
School list:
Medical College of Wisconsin
New York Medical College
Rosalind Franklin Medical School
Penn State
Wayne State

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How did you improve your application from your first attempt? If your 509 was a retake, what was your first MCAT score?

Where did you apply previously other than OHSU in your second cycle? What is your mission fit? How often have you spoken to the OHSU admissions staff about your application?

Your non-clinical community service: you have been under the preferred number of hours, and many of your activities were fewer than 50 hours (which I usually don't count unless it's shadowing). I don't have a timeline for any of your activities, but how many hours did you have when you submitted your application each of the other two times? I say this because reapplicants need to show significant improvement, and it doesn't look like you addressed this.

Furthermore, service-oriented schools like Loyola prefer applicants with hundreds of non-clinical community service hours. I don't see your connection to NYMC, Penn State, or Wayne State.

You must include DO schools in your third application cycle. There's no guarantee OHSU will take you, especially after having seen your application twice (unless again you had significant improvements).
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Have they interviewed you before?

For your 3rd cycle, you will need to have several DO schools on your list, especially if your IS school did not extend an interview invite.