WAMC/School list URM (3.6 BCPM/3.5 Cum Gpa) MCAT 505ish Great ECs

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Feb 4, 2022
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Hi everyone! I am new to SDN so if I am naive or annoying about anything please forgive me in advance. For my committee letter process, I need to make a school list and I wanted some feedback as I've heard good and bad about my application. I am looking for MD, but open to DO. Below I have included my stats and I appreciate the help in advance!
I also want to stay as close as I can to Chicago where family is but tbh anywhere is fine, just preferably stay here if I can.

I am an URM Mexican male who is not technically first gen because my mom got a bachelor's here through a parent back to college program, and I am do not qualify for fee assistance so I am not low socioeconomic status to AAMC standards. I will be graduating from Loyola Chicago in May with a bachelor's in Biology. Illinois Resident

GPA- 3.6 BCPM 3.5ish cumulative after last semester grading in May 2022 from Loyola, I know could be better Honestly I **** the bed in chem and orgo but I am part of the honors college and program and I do have an upward trend as I have been doing better in upper level BIO and chem classes. I also broke my leg during orgo and lost my grandma to cancer during both semesters.
MCAT- I took my mcat a few weeks ago and I think it will be within 500-510, I have may retake just in case ready to apply early
LOR - My school has a committee letter process where they have their letter and I include 5 letters of my own. I have planned 2 science (1 anatomy professor) (1 Research), 1 clinical, 1 Clincal research, 1 MD mentor. The anatomy professor will be a glowing letter as she is on the pre health advising committee as well as she can attest to my upward trend because I got a B+ then went to all her office hours and got help and got an A second semester. Second letter from my home institution research professor that will also be glowing. My clinical letter will also be glowing because it is from a free clinic for people with no insurance where I translate and interpret help doctors, do vitals the whole 9 yards. My clincal research letter will be from a fellowship from a top 15 hospital/medical school, the research is COVID-19 related as well. My last letter is from an MD physician/professor from the same institution but for a different opportunity where he was my mentor specifically.
EC - Most meaningful will be the clinic work I do where I help a large Hispanic population establish primary care as I translate, interpret for the doctor to patient and back and forth. I do everything from retinal exams, vitals, Px history, etc.
I have also done clinical research in terms of helping the battle with COVID-19 not a publication or anything super cool but definitely relevant for our time rn with the pandemic.
Second research fellowship is within the same top 15 institution where I am focused on patient care surveys, quality of care, doctor improvements etc, very patient based I love it, consenting, HIPPA, carrying out surveys etc.
Mosquito research has to do with testing environment-friendly larvacide to fight mosquitos but COVID messed it up but still have been breeding mosquitos for the lab to use on antioxidant defense, Plasmodium research etc, I initially did a fellowship externally through a different institution that led to connections within my institution, I've been doing it for about 2 years as well, also no publications but will be a poster presentation / fellowship scholarship award after I submit my final project
I also have my own business that takes a lot of my time but it took care of paying for school.
I do have non clincal service hours which I am looking to improve during my gap year about 200 now will improve In gap year,

Any other questions or important need to know stats please ask more than open!!! I appreciate all of the help and again apologies for being annoying!

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I think its safe to assume 505 just to under estimate it, just because I have my retake in case and for most practice exams I was 505-510 range so if I do better than 505 then my shot for getting into those schools will be better.
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Describe your non-clinical community service experience. How involved have you been connecting with med school students who are involved with AMSA, SNMA, or LMSA? No academic enrichment programs?
So right now, I "mentor" highschool kids who have concerns and questions about college and the pre med track about what I did wrong and what I suggest they should do like "don't forget about committee letter or use rate my professor when picking classes", reading college essays for proofreading things like that, I have monthly zoom meetings with them most of the kids are URM and low income, I just try to be a place where they can come to and ask questions about what my college experience was like. I also try to get my friends to attend like my nursing school friend, pre law friend, pre PA, finance. just to have a resource for most kids not only pre med. I also volunteer at an elderly home where I plan activities for the elderly, try to get them engaged things like that, I am not involved in their care at all its mostly like doing activities with them, etc. I also plan to address more of this in my gap year, I've been talking to some students from LMSA, I have a mentor who is helping me find opportunities within the community but I'm certain I can find some. I had an opportunity with like vaccine outreach and diabetes outreach but the organization fell through bc of covid which sucks. I just spend a lot of time in the clinic bc I enjoy being there but I heard hours can only be clinical or community not both you can't double dip

ALso I forgot to mention, I have shadowing up the wazoo so that is also something I already have.
also no academic enrichment programs, but I did retake Ochem 1 because I got a C- and I got an A second time, that was semester where I broke my leg and was on painkiller drugs (that made things hazy) for most of the semester
but upward trend with A's in upper level courses after first two years,
Update: I got a 508 first time test taker
I suggest these schools with your stats:
U Illinois
Rosalind Franklin
Medical College Wisconsin
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
St. Louis
George Washington
Seton Hall
New York Medical College
Boston University
@Faha quick question, first thank you for the list I appreciate it more than you think. Second, is there a reason that Einstein or Boston or Dartmouth and Brown are on there? They seem like super reach schools with my stats according to MSAR, are they URM friendly or is there another reason or just applying broadly?
@Faha quick question, first thank you for the list I appreciate it more than you think. Second, is there a reason that Einstein or Boston or Dartmouth and Brown are on there? They seem like super reach schools with my stats according to MSAR, are they URM friendly or is there another reason or just applying broadly?
They are URM friendly. Einstein is in the Bronx which is 60% Hispanic.
RFU denied no interview lol
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