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    Hello, I'm a non-trad applicant 7 years out of undergrad. Looking to see if with my stats I can give med school a chance: Undergraduate BS in Biochem, cGPA: 3.7 and sGPA: 3.6 MS in Statistics: 3.8 504 MCAT (taken in 2016, will need to retake but I'm not confident in improving) Resident: 2...
  2. J

    WAMC: Advice please?

    Hi Guys, I am currently looking at ways I can make becoming a physician a reality. I tried suppressing my desire to become one, but I think I keep beating myself up over never applying myself to it out of fear of failure or rejection, so, this is my Hail Mary. I have a degree in Computer...
  3. M

    MD Advice on Strenghtening Application WAMC

    Hi, I am a rising junior at one of the top public universities (top 3) and I am hoping to matriculate into an MD program without a gap year. I am seeking advice on how to strengthen my app -- particularly what I am missing EC wise. A bit about me:: cGPA and sGPA: 3.98 MCAT: Diagnostic was at...
  4. L

    Overthinking and Confused so WAMC

    Hi guys! I'm a rising junior and I've been looking at a few (around 15-20 or so) MD and DO schools and the more I look at them the more I'm doubting that I'll have credentials by senior year to apply to Med school. Below are my stats: 3.9 cGPA and 3.8sGPA I haven't taken the MCAT yet but I'm...
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    WAMC low low MCAT and high GPA

    I have a 499 MCAT score and a 3.92 GPA. I took the MCAT in June and was averaging better than how I scored... but alas. i'm a PA resident, do I have any shot at MD schools anywhere? do you think most DO schools would interview? trying most for PCOM, but also don't know what to make of my school...
  6. lattepcr

    MD WAMC: NY/CA ORM, cGPA 3.88, sGPA 3.72, 512 -> 511 MCAT

    Hi! I just graduated college with a degree in biomedical engineering and a minor in psychology. 1. cGPA 3.88, sGPA: 3.72 2. NY resident, can also change residency to CA during my gap years 3. ORM Asian 4. Ivy league for undergrad 5. Clinical experience: - research coordinator for 1 year -...
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    should I add schools? 4.0 GPA, 517 MCAT

    I submitted my primary application June 20th (a little later than I wanted but needed the extra time), and I am assuming it will be processed in the next few weeks. I am starting to get nervous that I created an ambitious school list and am wondering if I should add some lower stat schools...
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    WAMC: ORM, cGPA 3.81, sGPA 3.63, 511 MCAT, trad

    3.81 cGPA, 3.63 sGPA 511: 128,127,127,129 CA Asian Pepperdine Uni 1400 hours paid EMT, 300 hours covid vaccination volunteer 300 hours research, no pubs 20 hours derm shadowing 80 food drive volunteering 1300 hours music scholarship, 150 hours music mentor, 550 hours club water polo Relevant...
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    MD WAMC/School List Help

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    WAMC 3.7c/3.6s and 510 MCAT

    Demographics: 24 yo White/Native American Female (Mother has tribal affiliation, father is white - not sure if I have tribal affiliation or not). First generation college student Dependent of military veterans I graduated from an Arizona school but spent the bulk of my childhood in Maine and...
  11. saren99

    WAMC/School List Help- Low Stats

    Hi, I am submitting my AMCAS and AACOMAS tomorrow, and I wanted some advice on my school list. I understand that my MCAT and GPA are low and should be retaken, but to be transparent... I can't. My family thinks I am wasting my life away (I am three years out of undergrad) and wants me to find...
  12. B

    WAMC/School List: Mid Stats(cGPA, 3.72 sGPA 3.26, 518), High clinical, Low EC

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS : 3.72 & 3.26, respectively MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 518 130/131/129/128 State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US): California Ethnicity and/or race: ORM (Filipino) Undergraduate institution or category: UCSD Clinical experience...
  13. BattalionX

    MD WAMC: 19 YO, 3.9 GPA, 512 MCAT, URM, No Research

    cGPA: 3.91, sGPA: 3.89 MCAT Score: 512 (126/132/128/126) State: FL Ethnicity: URM, Hispanic. Low SES. Undergrad: Florida International University (FIU) Clincial Experience: 1000 hours paid clinical (step down unit, CNA and phlebotomist), 200 hours clinical volunteering Research: N/A Shadowing...
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    WAMC Canadian applicant, cGPA:3.92, MCAT 514 (CARS126) - Please help with school list!

    Hello, I am limited financially so I can't apply to many schools; I'd appreciate your help in narrowing my school list down to schools I really may have a chance in (10-15). Coming from Canada, I don't have a lot of clinical experience other than 300h of volunteering at hospital. ECs: 2000h...
  15. G

    (503 MCAT, 3.8 GPA, URM) WAMC+ School List suggestions/ Removals THANK YOU :)

    Hi everyone, I want to thank you all in advance for reviewing my stats. I appreciate it so much and value all of your opinions. I didn't include DO on this list because I'm not adverse to taking another gap year to study again for the MCAT if I must, so I decided to take a shot in the dark and...
  16. L

    WAMC/ Please help with school list (4.0/517/URM)

    cGPA and sGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 517 (129/128/128/132) State of Residence: Georgia Ethnicity and/or race: Black Female Undergraduate Category: State school Clinical Experience: 605 paid hours as a phlebotomist, 261 volunteer hours (this includes a medical mission trip overseas) Research Experience: 450...
  17. neuroticpremed1212

    Anywhere I could improve?

    thx for help!
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  19. S

    Nontrad (3.66/521) - WAMC + School List Help

    Basically, I'm looking for both a general WAMC and some ideas of low- and mid-tier schools to add to my list, which I think is too top-heavy for my cumulative GPA, lack of pubs/posters, and low service hours. Not really interested in TMDSAS or DO schools. All advice welcome! Background...
  20. C

    WAMC/School List Help 4.0/514

    Hey all! Thanks for stopping by. Looking to apply to about 25 schools. I am feeling lost regarding where I should apply and would appreciate any recommendations/advice. I am looking for OOS friendly schools, I have no close family elsewhere so justifying to OOS unfriendly schools will be...
  21. R

    WAMC Texas/3 MCAT retakes/3.9 GPA/ORM Reapplicant.

    Edit: After reading my post and comments an hour later. I think my best shot is to submit now so that I am complete early and pray for the best. I will leave the post up (with just my stats) for those to reference. My initial question was if I should take the MCAT for a 4th time... If anyone has...
  22. Luna25

    Nontrad 3.58 cGPA, 520 MCAT

    Hi everyone! I'm a nontraditional student planning to apply MD this cycle. Would love thoughts on my school list. cGPA: 3.58 sGPA: 3.56 PostBac GPA: 3.74 MCAT: 520 (129/130/129/132) Disadvantaged, ORM State of Residency: Colorado, ties to Oklahoma (grew up there) and Texas (lived there for...
  23. P

    WAMC/Need input with school list

    I would be so appreciative for a WAMC and if someone could tell me if my school list seems appropriate! I have 40ish on the list and might apply to all. 3.75 GPA, 3.78 sGPA, 524 MCAT, ORM, FL resident 400 hrs research, divided between 2 labs, no pubs 200 hrs tutoring English 200 hrs...
  24. S

    WAMC and school list suggestions, 3.82/508

    I am applying to only MD schools this cycle and know I have a weaker app and lower stats; I fully realize there is a strong chance I'll end up having to take a gap year and I've planned for that, but I appreciate any feedback and suggestions! cGPA 3.83 sGPA 3.77 MCAT 508, unbalanced :(...
  25. M

    WAMC- low mcat URM

    Hello all! As you’ll probably be able to tell from my info below, I show a great interest in giving back to my own community (AA female) through my job, ECs and volunteering. It’s been my dream to attend an HBCU for medical school from the time that I decided I wanted to become a physician. I...
  26. M

    WAMC: 3.94, 519, from the great fields of Iowa

    Thanks for the help!
  27. F

    MD WAMC: c3.91, s3.94, 506, Texas Resident

    Hello! This is the first time I am posting. Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize if I am missing something or did not follow a recommended format. cGPA = 3.91 and sGPA= 3.94 by TMDSAS 506 MCAT (125/127/125/129) Texas Resident Asian Indian University of Texas at Austin Clinical...
  28. TheHungryVegan

    WAMC/School List Guidance: ( 3.57 cGPA, 3.33 sGPA, 521 MCAT)

    Hi All, this is my first post on here so please let me know if there's anything I did incorrectly. Stats: cGPA: 3.57, sGPA: 3.33 521 - (131 C/P, 129 CARS, 131 B/B, 130 P/S) Demographic: WA State ORM State School Clinical: Shadowed Neurology for 25 hours. (Might shadow director of...
  29. 8

    MD WAMC/Help with school list: 515/3.8, Transgender applicant

    Hello! Looking to finalize my school list for the upcoming semester. I feel my application is fairly solid overall, but I wanted some outside perspectives. An important note: I am transgender, and so I will not be applying to any schools in Florida or Texas. Any states that are currently passing...
  30. rainbownerdz

    WAMC/School List (524/3.99)

    21 y/o trad Utah resident BYU undergrad 524 (132/132/130/130) 3.99cGPA/3.98sGPA white female ORM clinical: 1000 hrs paid (700 O.R. orderly, 300 nursing home CNA) non-clinical volunteer work: 200 tutoring high school kids during covid 150 crisis line counselor clinical volunteering: 30...
  31. Koboroko

    WAMC/Help with school list: UCLA undergrad cGPA 3.29, sGPA 3.18, MCAT 524

    Was struggling in undergrad due to depression / undiagnosed ADHD and two terminally ill family members, GPA definitely shows it. That being said, crushed the MCAT while working full-time, 100% confident I can succeed in med school. Having a really hard time constructing a school list though...
  32. B

    WAMC: 520/3.9+, Low EC's

    Looking for general guidance and school list advice. At the moment, my top choice is the Jacobs School of Medicine (Buffalo). Aside from that, I am happy with any school - but the closer to NY the better. Don’t really care about rank stuff, just would prefer not to take a gap year. I plan to...
  33. H

    WAMC/3.84 cGPA 3.81 sGPA & 512 MCAT

    GPA: 3.84 cGPA / 3.81 sGPA / 3.86 AACOMAS ||| no postbacc/SMP MCAT 512 CA resident Race: White (Arab) Undergrad: UC Berkeley Clinical Experience: (~600 hours) volunteered as a medical assistant/scribe for a neurology clinic. Was responsible with welcoming patients, taking patient bp and weight...
  34. R

    WAMC 3.37sGPA / 3.49 cGPA | 517 MCAT

    Hello All, currently getting ready to apply and looking at my chances for this cycle. I'm not feeling too good about my GPA and extracurriculars. Would appreciate any realistic advice on what chances I have at going to medical school. Thanks for any help :) GPA: 3.49 cGPA / 3.37 sGPA / 3.27...
  35. I

    WAMC 514/4.0/ORM

    Hi! I'm hoping to get some help with finalizing my school list (I have some sprinkled in there that I know are absolutely dream schools). I would really appreciate any feedback on my list and thoughts on what my chances at these schools are! State of residence: MA Ties to other states (if...
  36. S

    WAMC/School List Help 3.97/524/OK ORM

    Hi everyone! I'm a graduating senior applying this upcoming cycle. I'd like to get some feedback on my application and suggestions for schools that I should apply to, as well as ideas on what to do for my gap year if you have any. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.97 cGPA...
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