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    Starting to panic about IIs…help me expand my school list? / WAMC

    Female ORM, NY resident, CUNY undergrad + grad, 3.84 uGPA, 3.70 sGPA, MPH GPA 3.98, MCAT 508, Casper 4th quartile, Preview 5 354 hours non-clinical volunteering (mentoring + covid vaccination appointment booking) 105 clinical volunteering (ER) 1103 paid clinical (med office receptionist &...
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    WAMC/School List – 507, 3.4cGPA, 3.1sGPA. 4.0 Grad GPA, URM

    I am trying to make a school list while waiting for my primary to be verified. I am a little worried about how low my mcat score and gpa is. I have some reach schools in there for sure but it is my first time applying so I am making sure that I don’t have too many reach schools. Here are my...
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    Low MCAT (501) - High GPA (3.88) WAMC for both MD and DO

    Arizona State University GPA: cGPA 3.88 sGPA 3.81 MCAT: 494 (122/124/122/126) 501 (125/126/125/125) Residence: Arizona Pakistani Male Clinical: Scribing: (250 hrs + anticipated), Cardiologist clinic volunteering (125 hrs). Non-Clinical Volunteering: ASU Clubs. Mainly two. One focused on...
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    WAMC MD - CA ORM - 3.94, 516 Retake (Should I apply to more schools?)

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    WAMC / MD School List Help: 520MCAT, 3.84cGPA, 3.79sGPA,

    Hi everyone! My primary is already verified and ready to go, but I'm still trying to figure out my school list. I'll be taking Casper and all subcomponents, but don't want any PREview schools. Colorado home state Graduated from a top 20 school, Neuro major with emphasis on biopsychosocial and...
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    School list help: OR ORM 3.47 cGPA, 3.36 sGPA, 512 MCAT

    1.) cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA 3.47 Freshman: 3.05 Sophomore: 3.56 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.25 [Curse you COVID] Post-bacc: 3.92 (36 credits) sGPA 3.36 Freshman: 2.60 Sophomore: 3.46 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.17 Post-bacc 3.88 2.) MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 512 (128...
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    WAMC/Should I apply or wait a year? School list - 3.97/4.0, 510, CA Resident, ORM

    Hello! Needed some advice and didn’t know who else to ask, so thanks in advance! 1. cGPA: 3.97, sGPA: 4.0 (slight upward trend, only had some mistakes in my first year) 2. MCAT: 510 127/127/127/129 3. Residency: CA. 4. Ethnicity and/or race: Chinese (fluent in mandarin) 5. Undergraduate...
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    WAMC/School List: 3.87cGPA, 3.88cGPA, 513 MCAT, 80 Schools Right Now

    "PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS MESSAGE" Soooo I have like 80 schools on my list right now and while I'm okay to apply that much (cost is not an issue), I'm not sure if it's feasible to submit all my secondaries within 2 weeks of receiving them. I prewrote the basic secondaries (diversity, adversity...
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    WAMC UG 3.72 GPA/Grad 3.75 GPA/515 MCAT

    Hello all, This isn't a neuroticism post, this is an advice post. I'm trying to build my school list and I'm not sure if I should be applying mostly low/mid/high. With my stats I'm basically guaranteed an interview at my state schools, but I have zero direction where to apply beyond those. I...
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    [WAMC] Medical school list - 3.73 cGPA, 3.61 sGPA, 518, ORM, NY

    Hey everyone here are the schools I plan on doing: NY BASED: StonyBrook (alma matter, again tho the committee letter thing might be an oof here), Albany, Albert Einstein, Hofstra, Sinai, Buffalo, NYMC, NYU Lagone (not the free ultra hard to get into NYU), Upstate, Downstate NY REACH: Cornell...
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    WAMC 3C and 2W

    I will be graduating with a 3.79gpa and had 3 C+ and 2Ws in college. I retook one of the classes and got a B but was unable to retake the other two. I guess overall then I have 2C+. I can definitely describe why. 80% of my grades are As. I overall have an upwards trend. I'm slightly stressed...
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    MD & DO MD/DO School List (3.6 cGPA, 511)

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who is able to take the time to make recommendations and give any advice. I appreciate all the valuable help/support! My cGPA is 3.6 sGPA is 3.3 (with upward trend) MCAT 511 White Attended state school Clinical - volunteer: ~50 (projected 250) Clinical - paid...
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    MD Please help me shorten my school list: 3.99 GPA 514 MCAT

    1. sGPA: 3.99 cGPA3.99 2. MCAT: 514 (129/127/130/128) 3. California Resident 4. Ethnicity: Indonesian (not sure if this is ORM or URM pls let me know) 5. Undergrad: UCLA 6. Clinical Experience: Paid MA (560+ hrs), hospital volunteering (50 hrs) 7. Research: 1300+ hours at a cancer immunotherapy...
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    WAMC/School List Help IL URM 3.98 cGPA, 3.99 sGPA, 525 MCAT

    1. cGPA: 3.98, sGPA: 3.99 2. MCAT: 525 3. Illinois 4. URM, Hispanic 5. Undergrad at UCLA psychobiology major with Spanish minor, 3rd year 6. Clinical experience: ~150 hours volunteering at vaccine clinic 7. Research experience: ~100 hours from 1 lab 2nd/3rd year, 300 hours at other lab 3rd year...
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    WAMC 3.9/515 School List Advice

  20. P

    WAMC, ORM, 3.8(sgpa: 3.587)/510, School List

    I would appreciate any and all advice, the more realistic the better, especially on the school list. Not applying DO because I don't have any LoR from doctors. cGPA: 3.81and sGPA of 3.587 (non-STEM major, lowest science grade is a B in calc 3, without the B, sGPA 3.64) MCAT: 510, 78th...
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    WAMC: ORM 3.38/514 + School List Help (Re-applicant)

    cGPA 3.38 (post-bacc cGPA 3.7), cBCPM 3.36 (post-bacc 3.71) 52 BCPM hours, 73 post-bacc credit hours overall MCAT score(s) and breakdown 514 (128/129/128/129) State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US) CA Ethnicity and/or race White - ORM Undergraduate institution or...
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    Reapplicant, CA ORM 3.69/518

    deleted ty!
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    WAMC: 3.99/519 CA ORM - school list help please :)

    cGPA = 3.99 and sGPA = 3.96 MCAT = 519 (129/128/130/132) State of residence = California (southern california with ties to Davis) White (first generation american) went to t20 undergrad Clinical experience: 200 hours hospital volunteering: wheelchair patients when discharged, deliver food to...
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    WAMC 3.9/510-516/CA ORM - School list help

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    WAMC 3.81/518

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    WAMC/Help with med school list: (3.95/519) ORM w/ cookie-cutter ECs

    Hi, I’m currently taking 2 gap years and am applying this upcoming cycle. I would like to receive input on my school list as an ORM student (3.95/519) with somewhat cookie-cutter ECs. Cumulative and sGPA: 3.95 (both) Major: Science major with asian studies minor (studied abroad for one sem)...
  27. globaldoc27

    3.5 GPA 510 MCAT URM TX: Help with school list!!

    Hi, I am in the process of planning out which schools to apply to and wanted to know which schools are reasonable. I am AA (Nigerian) female with 3.5 OGPA, 3.42BCPM, 499->510 MCAT. I am currently enrolled in a masters program that's geared to help pre- professional students. I have 1 year in...
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    WAMC/School list URM (3.6 BCPM/3.5 Cum Gpa) MCAT 508 Great ECs

    Hi everyone! I am new to SDN so if I am naive or annoying about anything please forgive me in advance. For my committee letter process, I need to make a school list and I wanted some feedback as I've heard good and bad about my application. I am looking for MD, but open to DO. Below I have...
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    WAMC/School list URM (3.6 BCPM/3.5 Cum Gpa) MCAT 505ish Great ECs

    Hi everyone! I am new to SDN so if I am naive or annoying about anything please forgive me in advance. For my committee letter process, I need to make a school list and I wanted some feedback as I've heard good and bad about my application. I am looking for MD, but open to DO. Below I have...
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    MD Reapplicant School List Help (cGPA 3.58, sGPA 3.48, 513 MCAT)

    White Female VA resident Applied in 2021 cycle to 27 MD schools: 1 pre-II hold (Drexel), 2 waitlists (EVMS, Penn State) -> rejections I'm certain that my school list (plus lack of volunteer hours + clinical experience at the time and some late secondary submissions -> late interviews)...
  31. chicken-n-beer

    MD School List Help (2022-2023 Cycle)

    Hello everyone! I'm almost done with my Masters program (currently sitting at a 3.75 and anticipate approximately a 3.8 at graduation). I'm studying for the MCAT and anticipate a score in the "teens" (i.e. practice scores at/above 513). I'm trying to build a good school list but I'm clueless. I...
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    MD & DO WAMC? 3.86 cGPA, 3.79sGPA, 505 MCAT, 1000+ clinical hours

    I just graduated with my undergraduate degree and I am disappointed in getting a B- in my cellular biology course. The last B I received was my Freshman year and this ended up messing up my upward trend. I went from a 3.44 my freshman year to near 4.0 my sophomore and junior years to a 3.6ish...
  33. T

    WAMC? 3.0 uGPA 3.9 post-bacc

    What are my chances? Undergrad at UCLA w 3.0, Microbiology Post-bacc at Berkeley Extension, 3.9 Clinical Research and Volunteering MCAT not taken yet, aiming for 515 California resident Thank you for your advice!
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    I got the help I needed! Thank you so much all!
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    Pls help - School List/WAMC (3.92, 517)

    Hi all, I'm struggling to make a school list because I think I'm wayyy to top-heavy. Does anyone have advice on what schools I should add and if I am even competitive enough for T10 and T20s? be brutally honest :) Ideally, id want to be in a city in the northeast for med school tho, if...
  36. healthEngineer

    WAMC (2022/2023): 3.7 cGPA, 3.62 sGPA, 516 MCAT, CA Resident, UCLA, Nontraditional

    Hi. I am planning to apply to medical schools in 2022 and I’m interested what schools I should target given the information below. Any input would be appreciated. :) 1) cGPA 3.7, sGPC: 3.62 2) MCAT: 514 [130, 124, 130, 130] (8-26-2021) to 516 [131, 126, 130, 129] (9-3-2021) a) I knew I messed...
  37. hooligan1922


    I'm a junior and applying to med school next cycle, but I wanted to make a post and get some advice/suggestions on how to make my application stronger and what schools I would be competitive for! What schools should I apply to with this application? Stats/Background: 3.97 cGPA and 3.98 sGPA at...
  38. PierreBourne

    MD WAMC? (3.89, 518)

    *Removed application details*