wat does one do i have got 2years for exam give me some proper directions.plzplzhelp.


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Mar 28, 2004
    i have just finished my 2nd year in india. i probably take my usmle in another 3years. please advice on what topics or subjects rather do i need to stress on. what all books do inee do study.

    i know its pretty early but the competition here is cutthroat and u got to reall work hard.

    :( iam prepared to work my a$$ off , i just need proper directions. please help me with books too at this early stage.

    thanks plz plz help me with this.

    i will always remember all of u.


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    Feb 1, 2004
      I'd reccomend reading my post in the following thread and applying it to your med school curriculum by purchasing whatever review book is available and using it to study from in addition to whatever class notes your prof wants you to study from. This will help reinforce the important usmle topics, and help you get used to studying from those books. Good luck!
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