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WEBCAST- Ontario Medical School Admission Symposium


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Feb 7, 2007
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Dear Fellow Students,

The Human Biology Students’ Union is a student-run organization at the University of Toronto: St. George’s Campus. In association with The Princeton Review, we will be holding our annual Ontario Medical School Admissions Symposium on Thursday February 8, 2007, featuring representatives from all six Ontario Medical Schools, including:

-The University of Toronto
-The University of Western Ontario
-McMaster University
-Northern Ontario School of Medicine
-The University of Ottawa
-Queen’s University

The symposium includes presentations from admission representatives from each school, detailing information on admission, student life, curriculum and the overall medical experience. The symposium is an excellent and unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine to learn
about the options available to them within Ontario.

The symposium is already unique in that it’s the only event to bring together representatives from the various Ontario medical schools. To increase the symposium’s reach, it will be webcasted from its venue on the University of Toronto campus across the internet. Students can access the webcast free of charge by visiting the Human Biology Students’ Union website at http://hbsu.sa.utoronto.ca and clicking on the appropriate link.

Date: February 8, 2007
Time: 5pm EST – 9PM EST
Location: Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building-Room 150. (144 College St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M5S 3M2)
Webcast: http://hbsu.sa.utoronto.ca

Thank you in advance,

The Human Biology Students’ Union - [email protected]
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