what a blessing!

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Mar 21, 2006
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Happy thanksgiving everybody,

I was just thinking today about how blessed I am in so many ways, like so many of us. I am thankful for parents that valued education, my faith in Jesus Christ, the fact that I am in a fantastic profession, and I'm thankful to be a member of the United States military. I'm probably getting overly philosophical, but whenever I think about being thankful, I think about the responsibility i will have as a dentist. I think the default position of my life is to have 2.3 kids, a nice house, and work on saving for retirement. But I think about the responsibility I have to help out the poor and needy with dental needs as there clearly are many that are unable to afford health care. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and we are all able to reflect on just HOW blessed we truly are.

God bless