Army OMFS - Externship as a Civilian

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Oct 27, 2017
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Hello all.

I understand that majority of the conversations regarding Army OMFS usually pertain to HPSP dental students; however, I have a slightly different situation that I was wondering if I could get some insight on.

Throughout dental school I had wanted to pursue an OMFS residency, but my at the time girlfriend and now wife had received an HPSP scholarship. My CBSE score was not fantastic (57 equated percent which looks to be a 65 on the old scale, ranked 12/118 in my class with a 3.874 GPA) and I figured at the time that rather than try to retake the CBSE and do a non-cat year/residency away from my wife, I would try to see if I could enjoy doing general dentistry at least until she was done with her military obligation.

Fast forward to today and she and I are discussing the idea of her staying in the army for various reasons. If she is planning on staying in I feel like this would be an excellent opportunity for me to join as well as it would mean that I could try to do OMFS without us being essentially guaranteed to be separated. I know that this year's cycle allowed civilians to apply directly and then do DCC and BOLC. Assuming the same for next cycle, is it possible for a civilian to do an externship at an army residency location? What letters of rec (and how many) would actually be considered valuable for an applicant that will be a few years out of school at the time of applying? I intend on retaking the CBSE next July as well. I am also obviously willing to join the army, do GP for a year or two to get the required experience and letters of rec if needed.

If anyone has any insight for me going forward with this journey I would greatly appreciate the feedback!

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Yes you could. Sounds likes they will have the same opportunity next year. I would google AAOMS residencies. There is a PDF with all programs, including federal. It will have contact info for the program. Just email the program director and ask.
I wonder how many people would be up to this, considering you cannot start the residency right away due to officer training, the payback involved, the low pay, and maybe no loan repayment? Doesn't seem like a good deal
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