What are chances of interview offer/acceptances after secondary round?

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Mar 2, 2022
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I’m not actually a medical school applicant, my older sister is. She applied to 14 schools. Today she passed to the secondary round for 4 schools (Utmb, Ut southwestern, Ut McGovern, and Texas tech). Also, we are Texas residents if that matters lol. Her GPA is a 3.2 (could be lower actually tbh, I’m not completely sure), and MCAT is a 498. She does have some community service and shadowing hours. Additionally, she only submitted her app last week, so pretty late into the cycle. I will add that she was a computer science major so that may have given more leniency for her stats. I know her stats are pretty low, but since she did pass onto secondary round for 4 schools and counting, I think she overcame that barrier. I just want to know what’s the likelihood of acceptance/moving onto interview round? I know this is only the second round, but I feel like 4 schools already getting back to her is a lot, so does that mean she has a good chance?

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Do you mean secondary essays? I am afraid with the lower GPA and MCAT, she is very unlikely to receive any interviews at the TX MD schools. Did she apply anywhere else such as DO schools?