What are me options in terms of getting into an MD program in the US?

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Jun 13, 2020
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I am re-posting this from another forum in hopes of getting more responses.

So this is a very specific post but any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
I am non-traditional applicant. I graduated from college as a Neurobiology major a few years ago after which I did a 2-year program called Teach For America. Through it I taught science to 7th and 8th graders and gained a lot of leadership experience. Unfortunately it was a very stressful environment to work in with limited resources and being a first year teacher I was juggling a lot of things. The state where I was teaching required us to take education classes online through another university at the same time and here is where I screwed myself over. I performed really poorly in those classes and ended up getting 2 Fs which resulted in my dismissal from the university (and the dismissal is noted on my transcript). This stint with education classes is not part of my undergraduate record ( and at first I wasn't even aware that I would have to submit the transcript from the university where I took these education classes- but that's just stupidity on my part). My undergraduate GPA isn't stellar either at 3.49 but I have solid extracurriculars and did research for 2 years through which I was published once as a first author.
My question is what is the best recourse for me in terms of getting into Medical School? That is the only thing I have ever wanted to do- to be a doctor. But it was really challenging teaching full-time in an under-resourced urban school and I chose to be a better teacher for my students than a better student myself. This is not an excuse but an explanation. However I do want to know if there is anything I can do to bounce back from this and these 2Fs.

Again I would sincerely appreciate any advice, guidance anyone here can provide. Thank you in advance.

I should mention these education classes I took were part of a Non-Degree Graduate level program.
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