What are my chances (GPA 3.949)

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Feb 26, 2024
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Your 400 hours as a medical scribe is more than enough clinical experience. You should accumulate 40 hours of in person physician shadowing before you submit your application. Your main weakness is non clinical volunteering. Your 60 hours in hospice is low and ideally you should accumulate another 100+ hours to avoid being screened out at some schools. Post your MCAT score here when available.
I think I’d leave that whole EMT thing out or at most mention it briefly in a list type thing. You have other good experience. Doesn’t NJ have homeless shelters or soup kitchens or other places that serve the unserved/underserved in your community? I think you could actually switch the hospice service to nonclinical. Your story about the lady you talked to is lovely..
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What did your prehealth advisor or office say if you told them if your EMT course failure?

How would your describe your experience within the character limits of AMCAS (in other words, not what you wrote)?

Every prehealth student tutors so it doesn't help you stand out.

I can see you argue hospice is clinical if it is part of the oncology service. I don't think that's always the case, but there are some hospice facilities like that (assisted living). I have to read your description.

Kitten fostering can be listed as a hobby here. Save it as a "what is cool about me" answer for interviews.
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Hi, thank you for your reply!

Did you mean leave out my entire EMS experience or just the part of failing the EMT course? I was thinking about including my EMS experience as a meaningful experience as it was actually meaningful in terms of clinical experience for me.
Yes, I think you should leave it out entirely. You only have 80 hours. I’m not sure how ADCOMS will view this as a one of your most meaningful activities. Maybe I’m wrong but you seem to have enough with your scribe job and what you have in hospice.
Ah, I see, however I did vote a good amount of time to this and it is comprises of the bulk of volunteering. I also had an offer from the president of the organization to write me a letter of recommendation for my service. It is also 260+ hours, however only 80 calls, each call probably takes around 2 hours.
It’s your application so do what you think is best for you. Good luck.