Aug 16, 2017
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Long time lurker but first time poster. I'm going to get right into it:

A) MCAT: 504 (125,125,127,127),
cGPA: 3.55, sGPA: 3.42 (AACOMAS)
cGPA: 3.55, sGPA: 3.45 (AMCAS)

About to start my senior year at a large state school. Biology major, health care ethics minor.

B) Japanese-American (ORM) and Kansas resident. Not disadvantaged.

C) My stats are mediocre, but I think I have great EC's.
- Around 1000 hours of clinical volunteering (800 at a local hospital)(200 at a clinic that provides free primary care to under-served individuals)
- Around 300 hours of non-clinical volunteering
- Around 150 hours of shadowing - at least 80 of the hours were primary care physicians (40 hours pediatrician, 40 hours family practitioner/OMM specialist)
- 4 semesters of undergraduate research - resulted in one publication in a peer-reviewed journal
- Biology TA for 2 semesters
- 3 different leadership positions in various clubs/organizations
- Worked for 2 years as a barista at a local coffee shop throughout college - was promoted to shift leader during my second year
- Medical mission trip to Honduras (After lurking for so long, I now realize that this is pretty much useless and is just viewed as medical tourism, but it was a cool experience nonetheless)

I have two main questions:
1) Do I have a good chance a D.O. programs this cycle? Since I am just beginning as a senior, I have 30+ more credit hours to take before I graduate. I can take a gap year if necessary to raise my cGPA closer to 3.6 and my sGPA closer to 3.5. I would prefer not to, however.

2) I am completely fine with a D.O. only application cycle, but is it worth it to apply to my state MD school? Or even spend the time and money filling out the AMCAS?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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Jun 10, 2010
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I suggest:

Rosy Franklin
Loma Linda (only if you are SDA or a very devout Christian)
Uniformed Services University/Hebert (just be aware of the military service commitment)
U KS (chances best here)

Any DO school. I can't recommend Touro-NY, or LUCOM, for different reasons. Start with KCU
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Sep 15, 2012
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You are competitive for most DO schools so apply to at least 10 and you should receive several interviews. Submit your application this month and submit all your secondaries by September. For MD schools U Kansas is your best chance. You may have some success for interviews at the schools @Goro listed.
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