What are My chances, Low GPA.

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Jan 3, 2013
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Hello! Thank you for reading my post. I graduated in 2012 with an English degree from a top tier liberal arts college. cumulative GPA 3.36, Science, 2.74. Before you quit reading, I did take some post-bacc classes:
Summer 2013: Genetics: B, Cell Bio: A
Fall 2015: Physics II (retake): A
Spring 2016: Microbiology: A, Molecular biology of the gene: A, Biochem: C (this class was realllllly hard... 1/60 people got an A.)

So my GPA at the new institution is a 3.52, and my science GPA is now 2.95, cumulative GPA 3.4

I've got solid extracurriculars and volunteering, no research. I take the MCAT in july, and I'm doing well on practice tests. I got a 30 and 31 on two different diagnostic tests before I started studying (they're old mcat tests, but i have new mcat prep on the way), and I'm studying full-time until then. I'm hoping for a pretty competitive score. I have good letters of recommendation. I have a toddler. I am not ethnic.

I'm trying to be pretty realistic about my chances. My pre-med advisor seems to think I have a decent chance of getting into UTHSC-Memphis, and if I get in there, I'd be thrilled (don't have to sell house and uproot family). I'll be applying to a ton of DO schools, and would be really happy just to get in somewhere, DO or MD. First choice, MD. I'm a Tennessee resident with family in Ohio. I can't go caribbean because of my husband's work.

Here are the schools I'm thinking for MD:
LSU New Orleans
Virginia Tech
Medical college of Charleston (I know this is a super unlikely, but my husband is interviewing for a job there)
Wright State
University of Cincinnati (don't expect much from here, but since my parents will likely pay for my app fees, they'll want me to apply to hometown schools)

DO schools.. I'm still looking. I'm kind of limited to schools in major cities, or areas rich in pulp and paper mills/other similar industry because my husband is a process controls engineer. I think he should be the one researching the DO component because he's more familiar with the areas and types of industry, but currently, I'm just happy if he doesn't take our daughter to daycare in her pajamas. Are there any other MD schools I should add to the list? Do the schools I apply to see the other schools I'm applying to? Hopefully my application will be one of the first in, pending MCAT. Any other tips would be appreciated, although I can't afford to do any more post-bacc classes. It's a little depressing I spent over 6 grand to raise my science gpa by .2.

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Your science GPA is too low for MD schools. Even DO schools could be difficult with your science GPA though if you score a MCAT of at least 508 (equivalent to 30 on old MCAT) then you would be OK for some DO schools. It would be easier to advise you once your MCAT score is available. However you may have a chance at DO schools such as:
VCOM (all 3 schools)
new schools that will open in Utah, Texas and Arkansas for 2017.
Let us know what your MCAT score is when available. You could apply to your 2 Tennessee state MD schools but the other schools on your list are unrealistic (LSU, Charleston, Wright State and Cincinatti give strong preference to their own state residents).
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