what are my chances of acceptance?

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Sep 16, 2002
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Am I in danger of not being accepted anywhere? Will I get into a least one school?

My AADSAS application was completed Aug. 28th, and is around ~#3000 - 3100 and has not yet been sent out to dental schools. Does anyone know around when I can expect the app to be mailed out?

Also, I sent out my letters of recommendation and transcripts directly to AADSAS. Based on what I've been hearing on this newsgroup, was this really a bad thing to do? If so, I'm in trouble because those were the ONLY copies of letters of recs I had and it takes 2 -3 weeks for my transcripts to get sent out.

Anyway, here are my stats:

Undergrad Inst: Tier 1, nationally respected and private school
( But I took summer courses at three different schools.)
Major: BS track for Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cum GPA: 2.95
BCP GPA: 3.0
Science GPA: 2.95
My transcripts have 4 W's and my machine architecture courses pulled down my grades. Also, I am fitted with heavily technical courses all year round.

Academic Ave: 20
Bio: 16
Gen Chem: 23
Organic Chem: 18
Total Science: 18
Reading: 20
Quantitative reasoning: 21
PAT: 18

Will the 16 in bio hurt my chances?

Research: Two studies based on electrical engineering
Community Service: 1 year
Dental Experience: ~50 - 70 hrs
Past work history: Computer database at various surgical and infectious disease clinics at my school's med center.

Your feedback will be appreciated.