what are my chances of matching

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Dec 24, 2022
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School: low tier US MD school without a home program

step 1: 245

Step 2: 249

clinical rotations: Honors in all rotations

research: 12 pubs in total- 2 first author ophtho papers (1 original data and 1 review), 1 second author ophtho pub, 7 3rd+ author ophtho pubs (all ophtho pubs are in high impact journals), 1 ENT third author pub, 1 medical informatics 2nd author pub; 4 abstracts at ARVO

LOR: should be able to get an ophtho LOR from a doc I do my research with who is extremely well known in the ophtho world

Besides that, I lack greatly in other extracurriculars. What residency tiers should I be looking at? I took a research year to boost my research side of things so I know my research is decent but Im worried how much does going to a low tier MD program and my not so great step 2 score restrict me? Any additional tips would be appreciated also :) Thanks!

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I’m so glad I don’t have to apply these days and go up against this kind of résumé. If your LOR is as strong as you think, you’d get an invite from pretty much anywhere a decade ago. I know things have changed somewhat, but you’re pretty well set. People apply to an ungodly number of residencies these days, so feel free to do that among all “tiers” and see who bites. If you’re not a maniac at your interviews, you’ll match somewhere you like.
You’ll match. Having no home program might hurt at some places, but for most it won’t. It shows true commitment to apply with no home program supporting you.
The all honors in clinicals is amazingly rare, but of course you should aim to also get one from an ophthalmology rotation somewhere.
To answer your other questions: your Step 2 score is good enough for mid and low-tier programs. Regarding your low tier med school: it’s equal if not better to be ranked near the top at a low tier school—and yes they secretly rank everyone—than to be in the middle of a top tier school.
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Didn't you already post this on reddit? Don't think you'll get a different answer here..
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