What’s my chances of matching

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Nov 1, 2016
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School: mid-low tier MD school

USMLE step I: 245

Step 2 planned for mid July

clinical rotations: Honors in medicine, surgery, high pass in the rest

research: 5 total publications - 2 ENT pubs, 2 medical informatics pubs, and an oncology case study (none are first author except the case study)

I’ve been trying to find ophtho research opportunities but my school doesn’t have a home program so my luck hasn’t been too good. Also trying to find ophthalmologists to shadow and impress (hopefully) to get good LORs from and network with.

My main concern is of course not having any ophtho related research, but I discovered I wanted to do ophtho in the middle of third year. Id prefer to not have to take a research year. I would appreciate any tips for applying and advice on how to strengthen my application before applying.

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If you don't want to take a research year, you can probably match at a low/low-mid tier program. Taking a research year, producing publications, and having well known faculty vouch for you will dramatically improve your chances at matching.
Actually, you are probably about an average applicant, so I think you will match just fine to a solid program.