Aug 8, 2017
Hi guys!

I'm a Canadian student (entering 4th year) interested in applying to the US MD or DO programs. I've been wondering if my grades and activities give me a competitive chance at the US schools and if so, which would be ideal for my stats? Or, if I should take a year off to boost my application?

My current stats:

sGPA: 3.80
cGPA: 3.87
MCAT: 510 (128 B/B, 127 C/P, 126 CARS, 129 P/S)

- 4 Hours Shadowing Family Doctor
- 6 Hours Shadowing Neurologist
- 20 Hours Shadowing Pediatrician
- 1.5 years Volunteering in a Biochemistry Lab
- 40 Hours Volunteering at a Rehab Institute (Support patients w/ activities, interact w/ them, etc.)
- Events Director for UNICEF and Karate clubs in my University
- 4 Months working at a Children's Summer Camp
- 60 Hours Volunteering in a clinic in India
- 10 Hours Volunteering with Blind clients (Currently still doing)

Thanks a lot for the help guys!
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Aug 8, 2017
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To be very clear, if you were an American candidate, you would be almost guaranteed to get into your state schools and most other mid-tier out of state schools. However, being from a foreign country (yes, Canada counts too) you are at a disadvantage. You will have to find programs that accept foreigners like private schools such as Boston U. I would get your shadowing hours to at least 100 hours. My other tab-bit of advice would be to apply; even if you do not get in, then you have the experience of running the cycle, and you will get feedback from admissions committees on why exactly you didn't get in. THEN you could use that year to boost what they tell you. AND if you do get in then great, you do not even have to worry!

Best of Luck!
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