What are my chances with these orgo grades

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Jul 27, 2008
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I know how crucial orgo scores are to med schools. I will be a Junior in the fall and took orgo 1 last year and received a C, and then took orgo 2 and received a B. I'm worried my app will immediately be thrown out because of that C- even though my GPA, involvement in research, and volunteer experience is high (haven't taken the MCAT yet). Should I retake orgo 1 to better my chances, or will I be okay? Thanks!

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Uh...so you got a C- in organic1 or a C? If you got a C-, you need to retake it for it to count as a completed prereq. If you got a C, just leave it alone. If your overall GPA is in order, your app won't get tossed due to your organic grades.
Retook and got an A!
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