What are my chances with these schools/what to cut?

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May 24, 2010
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I have a 3.94 cGPA and 3.93sGPA, 35Q MCAT
Neuroscience major/Spanish minor and Utah Resident.
I have strong ECs as well.
I have made a list that Im having a very hard time cutting down. Please help me to decide which schools to take off this list.

1. Utah (SLC, Utah)
2. Baylor (Houston, Texas)
3. Rochester (Rochester, New York)
4. Ohio State (Columbus, Ohio)
5. Dartmouth (Hanover, New Hampshire)
6. Creighton (Omaha, Nebraska)
7. Boston (Boston, Massachusetts)
8. OHSU (Portland, Oregon)
9. George Washington (Washington, DC)
10. Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
11. Case Western (Cleveland, Ohio)
12. Georgetown (Washington, DC)
13. Wake forest (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
14. Vanderbilt (Nashville, Tennessee)
15. University of Washington (Seattle, Washington)
16. Penn State (Hershey Pennsylvania)
17. Colorado (Denver, Colorado)
18. Jefferson (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
19. Wash U (St. Louis, Missouri)
20. Duke (Durham, North Carolina)
21. Drexel (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
22. Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia)
23. St. Louis (Missouri)
24. Emory (Atlanta, Georgia)
25. Albany (Albany, New York)
26. Virginia Commonwealth (Richmond, Virginia)
27. Loma Linda (Loma Linda, California)
28. Tufts (Boston, Massachusetts)
29. Toledo (Toledo, Ohio)
30. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)


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Apr 27, 2007
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Depending on how many you want to cut, I'd look at the following:

OHSU: Very late secondary (think September). They also interview a ton of people, so you may spend a lot of money to ultimately be rejected.

University of Washington: Take very, very few OOS students. I'd eliminate this one for sure.

Colorado: 82k/year OOS tuition. So ~100k/year cost of attendance. Enough said.

Loma Linda: Unless you are very religious, I would eliminate this one.

Tufts: Another very expensive school.


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May 24, 2010
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Cool, thanks a bunch for the help. I think that I will definitely cut a few of those that you mentioned. I am also wondering if you think that there are any schools that maybe I should substitute in for some listed? Thanks again.