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what are my chances?

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by DimZum, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. DimZum

    DimZum Junior Member

    Aug 9, 2006
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    ohk guys, so check this out. I am some what stressed out over this and I would love to hear your opinions. I'm currently an undergraduate student, rising-sophmore.

    Fall 2006 I will start my sophomore year. I've fullfilled all of the general chem courses and a bio 101 course. This fall I will be taking bio 102 and organic chem 1. I have PCATs in OCT DURING my bio102 and orgo chem 1 classes...I also registered for the KAPLAN PCAT prep course which will take place during that fall right before the OCT test.

    This means that I will have to take the OCT PCATS with a lack of courses: bio102 (which is basically bio 2), organic chem 1 and 2.

    Question 1: Do I take my chances and take the OCT test? hoping that prep course will help me?

    cons: gpa might suffer due to focus on pcats.

    OPTION 2:
    Cancel PCAT OCT register for PCAT JANuary.

    This will allow me to finish my bio 2 and organic chem 1 and I will only be missing organic chem 2. I will also have winter break to study more.

    con: by cancelling OCT test, I will basically have one chance, the JAN. test, to score well and get into the Fall 2007 pharmacy class. IF I do bad on pcats in JAN, I will have to wait until JUNE to take it again which means I will have to spend another year as an undergrad and not be accepted to the FAll 2007 class.

    Do I keep the OCT test date, and hope that I do good, if I don't then I will have experience for already taking the test, and I will have a second chance in Jan to try and do better? Or should I just focus on the Jan date and forget about OCT?

    any advice will help. want to know more just ask.
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