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Aug 6, 2002
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Hey guys-

Well its done...:clap: I took my DAT today and it was one of the longest days Ive been apart of in a long time! Granted my head is pounding and all i can think about is sleeping, but i wanted to get some opinion from the seniors out there. Im a junior with a 3.3, my gpa is definitely going to go up this year, i ahve a real easy load, and i got a 17 avg today and an 18 pat. Do you guys feel i should take it again? Will I get interviews with these scores and an increased GPA? I have heard that if you take it again, you had better go up, and that going down is not looked upon well, so I'm kinda cautious...

Let me knoe what you think, for now, I'm taking a nap, I am fried!:eek: :sleep:



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Oct 7, 2001
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I'll just stick to the straight stuff here, and hopefully you will find some benefit in it:

GPA: Is the GPA you posted your science or overall? It is average for most schools and below average for some schools. Calculate how much you can raise your GPA with the courses you are planning to take before submitting your applications. Obviously, the more credits you have the more difficult it will be to raise your GPA. Several semesters of 4.0s (10 classes of straight "A"s!) would only raise my GPA by .05-.8!

DAT: Your academic score of a 17 is average for a few schools, but below average for most schools these days. Chances are you'll be facing candidates who scored much better than you in this area.

There's more to applications and admissions than GPA and DAT scores, but given what I know about you, that's all I can comment on. Good luck & congrats on finishing the DAT!