What are my chances?

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Sep 25, 2009
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I have been interested in ophthalmology for a long time, ever since I was exposed at a young age by a family member.

-U.S. citizen at a foreign medical school.
-263 Step 1 (and projected 260+ Step 2)
-7 publications from before medical school, 1 manuscript in preparation from research done in medical school (not ophthalmology related)
-High ranking (i.e. top 10%) in medical school class
-started a tutoring program, spearheaded a research symposium, taught a nutrition seminar, led journal clubs

I recently started my third year and I am looking for some advice on how to improve my chances.

Also of note, I will do my ophthalmology electives at US institutions (location not selected yet) and I hope to be able to secure at least 2 LORs before applying.

Thank you in advance.


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Aug 22, 2008
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You have remarkable stats. I'm not sure how admission committees categorize US citizens from foreign med schools... I imagine you will be in the same boat as other IMGs. That being said, if you manage to get 4 rotations in, and get letters from them, you are optimizing your chances of matching. The fact is that there are many qualified US grads vying for the same spot even though you may have superior stats... So it's really hard to give a definitive answer on your chances I matching. I would consider asking PDs at your away rotations for their input as well. Apart from getting involved in some Ophtho research, I think having well known people in the field to vouch for you will greatly improve you chances at matching.