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what are my chances?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by jsorrell, Jun 13, 2000.

  1. jsorrell

    jsorrell Member

    Jun 12, 2000
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    My undergraduate gpa was a 3.2, with a 3.3 math and science gpa. I am working on a master's degree in biology where I am maintaining a 4.0. I have not yet recieved my MCAT scores (April test), however, I am expecting about a 24 or 25. I have several years of research experience in biochemistry and molecular biology. In addition, I am teaching the undergraduate biochemistry lab course at the university where I am working on my master's degree. I also have a great deal of volunteer experience (including work as a medical missionary in a third world country). I am currently applying to medical (MD) school through the TMDAS (Texas Medical and Dental Application Service). I have already submitted the main and all the secondary applications. I wanted to know what my chances are for acceptance. If I am not accepted this year, what could I do to enhance my application for next year? Thanks in advance for all feedback.
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  3. Besyonek

    Besyonek Senior Member

    Feb 13, 2000
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    I think you already know the answer, but here goes... You have to bring up that MCAT. Try devoting six months to a year to studying all out for it. Take a prep course and, most importantly, take as many practice tests as you can. If you start this autumn preparing for next April's exam, you'll have time to really work on your weak points and become completely comfortable with the exam.

  4. reed0104

    reed0104 Senior Member

    Jan 14, 1999
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    exactly 63% chance of acceptance.
  5. dthankins

    dthankins Member

    Apr 21, 2000
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    You are lucky you live in Texas -- 8 great schools in Texas!

    For those not familiar with the Texas system, you apply to the system, not AMCAS, interview wherever invited, rank all schools, and in January find out where you get in -- only one acceptance.

    I start at Southwestern in August so I have done the math:

    If you apply to all schools you should interview at least 3 of them.

    Galveston interviews about 1200 people -- the most of any Texas school. Southwestern interview about 600 and Baylor about 400 (instate).

    If you total the acceptance numbers:
    Southwestern, Houston, Galveston, San Antonio all takes about 200 each for a total of 800 accepted!
    Now Baylor will take about 100 (I forget the exact class size here)
    A&M takes 60.
    Tech takes like 120 (Not sure on this one)
    And I have no idea how many the DO school in Fort Worth takes.

    Add that up and you get over 900 acceptances in Texas!!!!
    You have got to feel good about that!

    At the interviews most try to convince you to choose their school over the other Texas schools so it isn't really high pressure.

    ALL the schools are good.

    I know a guy that got into Galveston with a 24 MCAT.

    Best of Luck!

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