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Nov 19, 2018
You are on track! I know it sucks getting bad grades but the fact that they happened freshman year while you had other issues occurring might work out in your favor. Perhaps I’m wrong but I feel like schools sometimes favor the students who showed improvement and overcame challenges over the student who just steamrolled through school without any challenges. The upward trend along with pretty much all As is great too.. just get the shadowing/volunteering in and make sure you get some solid work experience.. Good luck!
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Aug 16, 2018
I messed up badly my first semester at college (F in prep chem, C - in intro to bio and D in calculus). I had a tough time adjusting to college life along with issues going on at home at the time. I'm now in my junior semester and I have retaken those 3 and gotten A's in them. I have gotten one B and all A's in all my other classes since my freshman year mess up. I plan on taking the DAT next year. I have half of my 100 volunteer hours so far. Do I still have a chance of getting into a dental school?
don't dwell on it
it cannot be changed
move on
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