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  1. L

    Are Letters of intent worth it? Dental School

    I wanted to know if anyone has actually benefited from sending a letter of intent and if it's worth it. I wanna prepare one and discuss what I will be doing in the spring semester and sent it in the beginning of January. I've already interviewed the school in November (VCU) and it's my top...
  2. A

    WAMC 3.87 GPA, 17 AA, one waitlist no interviews!

    Date of submission: AUG 31st Overall GPA: 3.87 Science GPA: 3.9 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.9 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 17 AA, 17 TS, 19 OC, 16 GC , 16 BIO, PAT 18 , QR 19 State of Residence: Illinois Undergrad Attended: NA Major: Health Science Minor: NA Minority? Yes, Palestinian...
  3. D

    ASDOH vs Dugoni for OMFS Specialization

    Hi guys, I've been lucky enough to be accepted into both dental schools. I am from Los Angeles and would obviously have to move out either way and both schools are an equal distance away from me but I was wondering: which school would be better for me career-wise especially if my plan is to...
  4. predental.Em


    Date of submission: Have not submitted, planning on submitting June 1, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.3 Science GPA: 3.4 Deleted. — School list: **** NEED SUGGESTIONS! UF NOVA Lecom midwestern az NYU
  5. P

    BU or Tufts

    Tuition is same I know dental school is hard but looking for a school that supports you if you are struggling and won’t just fail you Looking into a less hand skilled focused speciality bc of age so dental anesthesiology, dental radiology, dental public health, dental pathology
  6. A

    High School Student in Need of Guidance!!! Please Help!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on a public platform, so please be easy on me lol.:1geek: I am a senior in high school, taking classes at my local community college as a Dual Enrolled student. By the time I graduate high school, I will have around 90 credits (my AA and then some)...
  7. teehee123

    Detroit Mercy dental experience

    Hi everyone, I recently got accepted to UDM dentistry class of 2027 and was hoping to connect with current and past students to learn more about their experiences. I am from Toronto, Canada so connecting with other Canadians would be really great as well but I would love to hear from anybody...
  8. T

    Marquette (OOS) VS UConn dental

    Hello all, I have been fortunate enough to get accepted to multiple schools. A little background about me: I am from the east coast and leaning towards general dentistry/public health dentistry. I am considering applying for the NHSC scholarship. Marquette Pros: Urban location in Milwaukee...
  9. predental.Em

    Withdraws and admission !!!

    Hi! I want to apply to dental school next cycle but I dropped out of nursing school and I have 10 w’s. I’m getting worried that my first year won’t allow me to be looked at further by dental schools. In that time I went to dental assisting school and realized how much I love it and want to...
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  11. D

    Can I apply now? (first year masters student)

    I'm a first year grad student, started this fall semester (Sept). The dental cycle is opened, and I do not know if I am allowed/can apply now even though my first semester grades will be released in December (after my final exam grades are posted). I also took my DAT last year.
  12. mrthreeyear

    WAMC 3.7 GPA 19 AA

    Hello there, I am a pre-dental student from Michigan, USA applying for the first time in this 22-23 cycle. I am unsure on what to do and would appreciate some guidance. Feel free to comment below any thoughts or advice you may have. Statistics Major: Biology || I will get my bachelors before...
  13. K

    Do I stand a chance with my application?

    Date of submission: 6/1/2022 Overall GPA: 3.71 Science GPA: 3.63 DAT score (include AA and all sections): AA/23 TS/21 PAT/ 21 OC/21 BIO/20 GC/22 RC/30 QR/21 State of Residence: NY Undergrad Attended: SUNY School Major: Biology Minor: Psychology + Pre-Health Minority? No Reapplicant? No...
  14. E


    Date of submission: next cycle Overall GPA: 3.5 Science GPA: 3.4 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.3 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 20AA State of Residence: North Dakota Undergrad Attended: University of North Dakota Major: Medical Lab Science Minor: Biology Minority NO, but Asian Reapplicant...
  15. I

    Buffalo vs Columbia

    Hello everyone I can't decide between Buffalo and Columbia. I would like to go for OMFS (only considering it but not hell-bent) in the air force as I am in HPSP program. Both seem to be very good and loved both places during the interview but I don't know much about Columbia so if anyone who...
  16. M


  17. J

    WAMC: Do I have a shot at dental school?

    Real talk: I graduated with bachelors in music for undergrad at a private 4-year university with overall 2.65 GPA. Yes, you read that correctly. After my bachelors, I took some pre-requisite science courses at 4-year public university like Gen Bio and Chemistry and still did horrible - ended up...
  18. 1004jelly

    UPenn vs. Columbia

    Hello there! I was grateful enough to gain acceptance to multiple dental schools, but I am currently trying to choose between 2 schools, Columbia and UPenn. I know cost is going to be a huge factor, but I personally plan on leavingg my current state so in-state tuition doesn't really matter to...
  19. V

    Indiana (IS) vs. UDM

    I live in Indiana, so the tuition would be cheaper but I've been told that going to detroit mercy would be a lot more beneficial (in terms of the clinical program) and I would just be happier there. What is everyone else's opinion. I don't know the overall differences between the school aside...
  20. thisis123

    BU vs. Stony Brook (IS)

    I was accepted to Boston University and Stony Brook University dental schools for the class of 2026 and I am not sure as to which one I should pick. I wanted to know some pros and cons of these schools, besides the cost, so if any current BU or Stony dental students can respond to this thread...
  21. D

    Dental Decision Day (December 1)

    Will we get AN answer (rejected, accepted, or waitlisted/deferred) from every Dental school on December 1 or just from those that we've been interviewed by? Could we still be in limbo without any clear answers after that decision day?
  22. whatsgoodfam

    Do OOS students compete with other OOS students for OOS spots for public dental schools?

    Hey guys! Im new to SDN so please forgive me if I misplaced this question in the wrong area or anything. But I was wondering if OOS students compete with only other OOS students for OOS spots in public dental schools? Or do we also compete with the IS students too? I'm asking because I know many...
  23. Het.mehta

    Can I get into a good dental school or even a dental school?

    3.58 cuml. GPA, 3.37 sGPA. I have 4 publications as a first/second author, but also did get a C/ in Org Chem1/2. I have good shadowing hours and letters of rec, and volunteering.
  24. J

    Questions about interview offers.

    I applied to 11 schools and received 2 interviews from my safe schools so far. Undergrad: UNC-Chapel Hill Major: Biology, B.S Application verified: 7/27 U.S Army veteran My stats are cGPA 3.63, sGPA 3.36, DAT 23AA, 22TS, 23PAT. I applied to UNC, UMich, ECU, UB, UPitt, USC, NOVA, UK, Tufts...
  25. Claudillea

    California Schools 2021-2022 Application Cycle

    Has there been interview invites for California schools - International Dental Programs, like from UCLA, USC, Western, etc (i know UCSF already started sending out invites)?
  26. S

    DAT breakdown

    I took the DAT last week and I’m not super happy with my score in QR. ive heard that some universities can look past a low QR score if the rest of the scores are adequate, and I think I fall in that category. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have time to improve enough on QR to retake before...
  27. A

    Help! Any success stories from students who got into dental acceptance after attending Midwestern (AZ) University's 2-year MBS program?

    Hi everyone! So I am a pre-dental student, and my stats are ~2.89 GPA (surprisingly higher sGPAbut not any better) and an 18AA and 17TS DAT. I recently applied to several masters programs considering my stats are not competitive enough for dental school and managed to get into Midwestern's...
  28. B

    University of West Indies-Mona

    Hey guys! I'm a U.S. citizen who was recently accepted into the University of West Indies-Mona DDS program. I know the school as U.S. partnerships but I wondered how I would be licensed to work in the U.S. upon my completion of the 5 year program? Could I take whatever licensure exam that those...
  29. N

    Low GPA Dental Schools

    Has anyone applied to dental schools with a GPA slightly below 3.0? If so, is there a list of dental schools that look at applications holistically, and accept low GPAs but high DAT scores?
  30. G

    Chances for Dental School App?

    Hi All! Just recently took the DAT and didn't score as well as I wanted, so will be retaking in August. Score breakdown: PAT: 18 QR: 15 RC: 22 OC: 19 GC: 20 BIO: 16 Overall: 18 GPA: 3.98; ScGPA: 3.95 Volunteer hours: 200; Shadowing hours: 500 My question is as follows: should I submit my...
  31. Beezyteeth

    Got acceptance for California Northstate University...should I?

    First time posting, so sorry if I'm doing this wrong. But I got an acceptance into CNU College of Dental Medicine for their first class ever later on this year. It is a brand new school. Just simply asking for any general advise if it's a good idea to accept? Is there anything I should...
  32. Dental0928

    How I got into Dental School with a Low GPA, 3.0 (2020 cycle)

    Hi guys, I will be starting dental school this coming August and I thought I could help some pre-dents out there who have a very low GPA and want to apply to dental school! I hope my mistakes can help guide you through to a dental school acceptance! This post will be my experience in depth so...
  33. M

    WesternU vs. Colorado (OOS)

    Hey everyone! This is my first post so please go easy on me! I recently got accepted to the DMD program and WesternU and the DDS program at CU. I am a CA resident so do not qualify for in-state at CU unfortunately :confused: I was wondering where everyone thought was a better school to go to...
  34. A

    Temple (OOS) vs. VCU (OOS)

    Hey guys! I was lucky enough to get accepted into both Temple and VCU for dental school. I'm out of state for both schools and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to choose between the two. I enjoyed the interview for both schools, but I was only able to have an in person experience at VCU, so I...
  35. jjsmiles

    Touro vs. Temple (OOS)

    I was fortunate to have been accepted into Touro and Temple Dental School. I have been waitlisted at Buffalo and UNE. Still waiting on responses from 4 more schools. If any Touro or Temple students could chime in on their experience at school it would be much appreciated. TOURO Pros: -...
  36. A

    Marquette (OOS) vs. Tufts

    Both are really great schools. I do not have a preference with location. (originally from New Jersey) *hope to specialize in the future Marquette (OOS) *cheaper by~ 250k *attended undergrad here If anyone could provide any feedback or personal experiences about either schools, that would be...
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  38. A

    What are my odds?

  39. H

    Should I apply this cycle for dental school even though I have to retake a summer course?

    Hi everyone I'm currently getting my masters right now in medical sciences. Its only a year long so I'll be graduated by May of 2021. Yet, unfortunately I did not pass a science course that is only available during the summer. So in order to get my masters degree, I need to retake that science...
  40. E

    Dat in a week, need help!

    Hey everyone, I have attached my bootcamp scores for all tests and I want to know if you guys think I will do better or worse on the real thing. I know practice scores aren't a perfect indicator and for every question I get wrong on my exams, I write down the answer on a piece of paper and...