1. F

    Missing Lab Requirement and Applying this Cycle, What do I do?

    Hi everyone, I feel like I messed up so badly. I'm applying to dental school this cycle, but I just realized I never fulfilled the biology requirements for every single one of the schools on my list. Basically, every school requires you to take two biology courses with labs. I've taken General...
  2. D

    Creighton vs Nova

    I just received a super late acceptance and I only have a week to decide and I am having a hard time choosing between both. In terms of tuition they're about the same however cost of living in Florida is a lot higher than Nebraska so Creighton ends up being the cheaper option. I do want to...
  3. L

    NYU vs. Temple vs Touro

    Help me choose between NYU, Temple or Touro please. Factors are cost, area, clinical experience, overall opinions from students in terms of happiness and how they feel at the school, and anything else that is important to know.
  4. P

    Chances of Dental School?

    Hi guys, new here. So this has been on my mind lately and I haven’t been able to think straight. My overall GPA is 3.32 with all of my undergraduate studies combined. I obtained a 3.29 GPA after 2 years at a community college, a 3.55 GPA at the university i transferred to and, the part that’s...
  5. N

    Pre Dental Major to RDH?

    If I am currently on a Pre-Dental track but interested in becoming a RDH, what is the best path I should go about this?
  6. DHerd

    Texas Dental student but wants license in both Texas and California

    Going to dental school in Texas but I have family that practice out in california that I would like to work for the first few years post grad. Does anyone know how to apply for both a dental license in Texas and california. Any advice or anyone done anything similar?
  7. A

    Dental : burner kit and vacuum mixer

    Burner kit and plaster of Paris vacuum mixer ( container) cost $50
  8. A

    UTS 3D facebow

    UTS 3D facebow, it’s in great condition, along with all its components. Available for shipping with in US. cost $450
  9. P

    Low GPA and Wrong major

    Hi, So I recently graduated undergrad with a 2.7 GPA, I had lots of issues in life happening which resulted in that. I want to go Dental but I’m not sure where to start. Should I go to CC, Masters Program, or Post-bacc program to get both pre-reqs and a higher GPA? If you have ANY advice at...
  10. B

    PreDental Students taking Gap Year Welcome to Join us!

    2 practices in the DC, Northern VA area looking to mentor motivated pre dental candidates. We are providing a paid internship program. This program has resulted in many successful candidates in dental schools. With multiple specialties and top of the line technology, this is an opportunity to...
  11. R

    Endodontists Income/Salary

    Hi All, Could any practicing endodontists, endo residents or other professionals kindly share their income/salary as an endodontist? Please include your days working, hours, cases per day, state, years of experience and if you are traveling specialist, group practice/etc.....thank you so much !!
  12. D

    How does dismissal from previous medical school school affect my chance of admission?

  13. A

    Associate or Ownership - Free Dental Web Resources for Both - Updated 2023

    Here are some great e-resources that compile the most up-to-date information in dentistry sent directly to your email inbox. The great thing is they are all absolutely free with no spamming. FYI - I am a subscriber myself. It's great info and worth passing on. Clinch...
  14. A


    Here are some great e-resources that compile the most up-to-date information in dentistry sent directly to your email inbox. The great thing is they are all absolutely free with no spamming. FYI - I am a subscriber myself. It's great info and worth passing on. Clinch...
  15. D

    PLEASE WAMC? Thank you!

    Date of submission: 06/03/23 Overall GPA: 3.70 Science GPA: 3.71 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.69 DAT score: 22 AA, 23 TS, 23 Bio, 22 Chem, 22 Orgo, 20 RC, 22 QR, 19 PAT State of Residence: Illinois Major: Biology Minority? No Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No Shadowing Experience: 300 hours with three...
  16. T

    Having doubt about gpa and confused about Smp/MS options? Non trad (ish).

    Hi there, new to the field and want some advice on how to move forward based on where I am currently. I know it’s not a complete WAMC but I am deciding if I need a masters, etc, so any insight would be incredibly helpful!! Date of submission: 2025 Overall GPA: 3.438 Science GPA: 3.192...
  17. dynamo72

    WAMC (26AA 3.8 GPA) need help with school list

    Date of submission: aiming July 1st Overall GPA: 3.79 Science GPA: 3.76 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.75 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 23 PAT, 24 RC, 27 BIO, 26 GC, 30 OC, 28 TS, 26 AA State of Residence: California Undergrad Attended: University of California, Davis Major: Economics (BA...
  18. D


  19. T

    What Are My Chances?

    REALLY just trying to see where to improve on my application. Any insight from you guys would be much appreciated. Date of submission: 5/30/2023 (Hopefully!) Overall GPA: 3.91 Science GPA: 3.89 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.8 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 21 AA 22 TS 23 PAT 26 Gen...
  20. Lauren Berard

    Periodontics AAP Programs

    Hello! I am a rising D3 student and have been trying to research AAP programs but some information has been very difficult to find. Are there any current dental students going through the match process or residents that can offer insight on types of programs (school based vs. hospital) and...
  21. Z

    Dental Post-Bacc

    Hello! I've applied for the 2023 dental school cycle and got waitlisted. I'm trying to figure out what I should do if I don't make it in, and what I heard is that some reapply after doing post-bacc. I wanted to ask what should reapplicants do to prepare for the next cycle? Would the best option...
  22. H

    What is the estimated average debt for private schools if I were to apply next year?

    Im in-state california. I'm hoping to apply to UCLA/UCSF next year because it's cheaper but they're also very competitive, so I was wondering, assuming I have to head towards privates, what would be the average debt since tuitions increase every year? Would it be possible to have 200-300k debt...
  23. toothfairy1357

    Stony Brook Dental vs Touro Dental

    Looking for input from current students at either Touro or Stony: They both would be around the same cost since I would be commuting to Touro, and I like how Touro has state of the art digital dentistry and brand new equipment, as well as being close to home surrounded by friends and family...
  24. P

    BU or Tufts

    Tuition is same I know dental school is hard but looking for a school that supports you if you are struggling and won’t just fail you Looking into a less hand skilled focused speciality bc of age so dental anesthesiology, dental radiology, dental public health, dental pathology
  25. T

    DAT Retake: Round 3

    Hello - I am a current dental hygienist who plans to take the DAT for a third time, in hopes of enrolling into dental school this summer. I have a 3.5 GPA, a BA in biology (graduated 2015) and a BA in dental hygiene. I spent roughly 4 months with DAT Bootcamp to prepare for my first attempt and...
  26. C

    OT or Dentistry

    I wanted to post in this particular thread because I wanted to get a better understanding and behind the scenes of what a dentist has to deal with in regards to finances, owning a practice (if you have one), being an associate, etc. Just for a little context, I have been practicing dental...
  27. thelazyvaca

    Buying a house, a practice, and paying off school debt — losing sleep. How?

    Optimistically please, How does a future pediatric dentist pay for a home, a practice, and pay off $500,000 worth of school loans in Texas? Is it doable? What am I missing here? No family and young. Will I ever be able to have the lifestyle where I am able to have financial independence? The...
  28. N

    Army Army 1-year AEGD results?

    Hello! I’m a 4th year army HPSP student and have begun seeing people posting on social media that they’ve been selected for the AEGD and already know where their residency location is going to be. Should I be worried if I haven’t heard anything yet? And should I expect an email stating whether...
  29. S

    Taking Dental Pre-Reqs During the Summer

    Hi, I am planning on taking Calculus 1&2 and Physics 1&2 (without lab) during the summer. I was wondering if these courses would factor into my GPA when I apply to dental school? And would dental schools think I am taking a shortcut by taking classes at a less prestigious school than my current...
  30. D

    Can I apply now? (first year masters student)

    I'm a first year grad student, started this fall semester (Sept). The dental cycle is opened, and I do not know if I am allowed/can apply now even though my first semester grades will be released in December (after my final exam grades are posted). I also took my DAT last year.
  31. P

    Can I get into at least 1? (Low GPA, Average DAT)

    Date of submission: 6/1 Overall GPA: 3.29 Science GPA: 3.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.0 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 20 AA/21 TS/17 PAT - 22 OC/21 BIO/20 GC/21 RQ/17 PAT/16 QR State of Residence: PA Undergrad Attended: small, rigorous liberal arts school Major: Neuroscience Minor...
  32. F

    Score Breakdown of my DAT (May 2022, 23AA)

    Hi guys!! I just finished my junior year of undergrad. I took my DAT in May of 2022 after about 8 months of really discontinuous studying. I used multiple resources, but only parts of each so don’t feel like you need to purchase everything you see below. Because I took it immediately after the...
  33. X

    Good CV building opportunity in dental office in Washington

    We are a booming GP clinic in the seattle metropolitan area that treat all aspects of dentistry. In addition to common general dentistry procedures, we do oral surgery, implants, root canal treatments, endo surgeries and Invisalign. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the full potential of GPs...
  34. T

    NYU masters in biology (oral track) fall 2022

    Has anybody applied to this program? Or has any information on it?
  35. M

    Saw this comment made about 10 years ago… do you agree in 2022?

    “Dentistry is a lot better than being an MD nowadays. Less hours, higher per hour salary, higher chance to be in private practice, and better insurance reimbursements. The only other thing that I think is better is a PA program, its cheaper faster and gets you 100K in 2 years time.” I am...
  36. M

    I have compiled a list of cons with being a dentist… let me know if any of these are inaccurate or not common enough

    Lets start with the general state of the profession: The field is getting saturated and will require you to move to a more rural setting to find a job that pays more than $120K. Insurance reimbursements are cut year-after-year, making you have to work harder to collect compensation over...
  37. P

    WAMC low DAT average GPA

    I am just asking for your opinion on my chances, I have done a significant amount of research into what schools I should apply to this cycle, if you could give me any advice that would be appreciated. I know my DAT is low and I am planning on retaking it this summer but I want to apply at the...
  38. D

    Touro vs stony

    Hi! So i’m currently deciding between Stony Brook Dental and Touro Dental and I was wondering how important each pro is in making a decision on which school to go to. Touro: I know that touro has amazing technology and I know that tech has a major influence in dentistry so I wanted to know how...
  39. F

    AEGD/GPR program advice needed

    Hi everyone! I really need help deciding which program I should choose to apply to in a few months. Background: I'm a 3rd year dental student at UMKC. I have an ok GPA. I never wanted to specialize but I really love root canals so I would love to attend a post-doc program that is heavy on...
  40. 2