Jan 19, 2010
Hi everyone,

I received 2 interviews this cycle out of 21 applied schools. sGPA 3.6 MCAT 28. Applied late because my last letter of recommendation writer didn't write his for over half a year despite me emailing him occasionally.

Just received a "waitlist" from a school who supposedly has a high alternate list and a regular alternate list. I thought that I really nailed the interview based off of verbal feedback from the faculty interviewer and student interviewer, but I guess we can't always have things go our way.

I still have one school I'm waiting to hear back from which should be around the middle of February. I felt like it went well, but that doesn't mean much when the first one went how it did.

I don't know what my options are at this point. If I have to reapply, I'm guessing my weak spot is my MCAT and I would have to retake it. I'm taking a very challenging course load this semester and I have no opportunity to drop anything to make more time for mcat studying. If I reapplied in June, I would have to take the MCAT in May, which would mean I have the spring to study for it which at this point does not seem plausible.

Does this basically mean that I have no choice but to wait 2 years until I can reapply? It's not going to stop me, but this is a really ****ty situation to be in. My girlfriend and I were going to be moving in next year when I attended medical school and now I have no clue what we can do.


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Dec 31, 2012
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Low MCAT + Late Application = near certainty of doomed application cycle. Get your application in on time and, if possible, retake and do better on the MCAT.
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Mar 20, 2012
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I am definitely sending a letter, I just do not see any other options. What am I missing?
I think that is it. Send a letter, but make sure they are receptive to one. Perhaps ask for another interview if you are in their area or willing to fly back up to the schools.


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Oct 15, 2011
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I would go ahead and send the letter but plan on taking the MCAT again with sufficient study time to really do great. Your GPA is good (a lot better than mine anyway). With a good MCAT score and an early application this could look really good. Also, if things don't work out this cycle, line up some EC stuff...shadowing/volunteering/research. This way if you do end up applying again you will not only have the improvement of a much better MCAT and the timing issue but also the fact that you have added on other valuable experiences which would make your application even more competitive.
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