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Kluver Bucy

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Dec 27, 2001
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Medschool.com used to have some good stuff, but that's all gone now. First Aid for Step One 2001 listed <a href="http://www.kumc.edu/AMA-MSS/study/study.htm" target="_blank">www.kumc.edu/AMA-MSS/study/study.htm</a> at the top of its recommended websites, but I see that that's password protected now. They also list some topic-specific sites, and a marginal jhu site.

So what are your favorite USMLE Step one prep websites? The more interactive the better.


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Jun 21, 2001
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There aren't any, to my knowledge anymore :(

There was this one site, called Gold Multimedia or something, that had interactive tests and review over basic science material, but they've since changed it into a subscription site ($195/year):

<a href="https://secure.gsm.com/subscribe/imc.asp" target="_blank">https://secure.gsm.com/subscribe/imc.asp</a>

It used to be fairly good, but since they started charging, I haven't been back.

I'm working on some USMLE review notes to put on my website (similar to the now gone Kansas site) as I thought they were immensely useful...
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